New Jersey State Prison - Concerns about inmates at NJSP

Posted on Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 at 8:17pm CDT by 4c3b9d4a

Company: New Jersey State Prison

Location: Administrator Charles Warren NJSP PO Box 861
Trenton, NJ, 08625, US

Category: Other

I have a friend in NJSP. I had some concerns that he hadnt been getting his mail from me, mail that included pictures. I dont know what happened to those. As far as I know, he still hasnt gotten those and I dont know if they were stolen lost or what happened to them. The mail is bad there. It is so slow and takes days for them to hand out and send out mail, letters are given out of order. I had also been worried that he hadnt gotten a letter I sent him with a money order in it on time, so I was worried he missed the first canteen order of that month, because the prison didnt give him the letter right away so he knew he got it. Then they took him out of the hole to move him back to population, but there were no available cells so they were keeping him in another block where they didnt allow property, which meant he had to leave his food and supplies there, until a cell opened up. Since he placed an order on the 14th of the month and they moved him two days later, as far as I know he didnt get his supplies just because he was moved, which is a waste of money and had to wait until the next month to make an order all over again. If there was no available space at the time, why move him? Why not just leave him where he was until a cell opened up? I cant call the NJSP, so I had to write about my concerns to the prison, but I never got a response. They least they could do is respond to the concerns of family and friends.


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