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I have used Airtran Airways for many, many years and never had a major problem with them. However last nights event on Sat, Oct 22, 2011 left me speechless, violated, upset and felt like a number rather than a human being who has spent thousands over the years and this is the thanks I get?!?! It all begin when I boarded Flight number was Airtran 277 out of Boston on Sat Oct 22, 2011, which was the round trip part of my trip that begin on Tuesday Oct 18, 2011.

I paid $20 dollars to check in my bag at Logan Intl Airport and all of the handles, zippers etc was secured and tight. However when I landed to pick up my bag from baggage claim belt at Atlanta Intl Airport, the pocket on the side duffel shaped luggage was completely ripped off like a thief who had no care in the world to steal what was GPS system valued at $100. I saw an employee of the airport that had on a yellow vest that said security and explained what had happened and he pointed where Airtran Airways Customer Service office was. After waiting patiently in line for more than 15 minutes, a customer service rep by the name LaQuista said "Your not going to like what I have to say...." And then proceeded to basically explain there was nothing she can do and really showed no empathy that my luggage appeared deliberately ripped off and thieves perhaps those who take the bags off the plane and put them on the belt. It reminded me of when a person breaks into a car and steals out the car radio system. Gone in 15 seconds!!!!!!!!! After she said there was nothing she could do I felt very upset that she didn't go the extra mile to try and see what happened. I then asked her to call down to the gate where Airtran Flight 277 arrived. She proceeded to call down to that area and spoke to an employee by the name of Bethlehem. She told me she had to wait for this person to check and see if they found anything and he/she would call back. I then went back to the belt where Flight 277 out of Boston luggage where. I still did not see any GPS anywhere since perhaps it was going to somehow appear up the ramp and on the belt. Once I return to the Airtran Cust Service Office get an update from LaQuista. I had to wait again since she was working on other customer issues. Then she told me they didnt find anything so I asked to speak with a supervisor. She told me Donald will come and speak to me. I waiting patiently again and then asked the other cust serv rep by the name of Donald and he basically didn't want to help me when all I wanted him to do was his a cust serv rep and check the status of where the supv was. He left the office and did not help me. I was floored since he tag says cus serv rep on it. I was very hurt and disgusted at his level of non empathy. Finally a supv showed by the name of Elma Taulton. She said she will do a claim and I filled out the small piece of white paper. I felt I was getting no where fast so I was determined to find where the police was at the airport. A custodian worker at Atl Intl Airport told me where it was located. I went in and was FINALLY HAPPY that someone was going to help. Officer Z. Mask gave me a police report number: 112958048 and a telephone number to call 404-530-6630, Mon-Fri 7a-2p and speak to Ms. Tiffany. He told me Atlanta Police have cameras everywhere in the airport and they would view the video of where Flight 277 from Boston to Atlanta taxied in to their gate at Atlanta Airport. Why couldn't Airtran go the extra mile like the Atlanta Police Dept?????? I am filing a complaint with the BBB since I have paid money to check in my luggage and it comes back with stolen items and no one cares to apologize or refund me for anything: the cost of the luggage check in $20, a ripped up luggage valued at $40 and most importantly my GPS system valued at $100. My husband and small children ages 6 and 9 were waiting in the car for hours waiting for me when I should have been out there to great them around 940pm. Instead by the time I got home it was almost midnight.

I know that someone went in my luggage because my air fresher spray $1...was also missing. So either way someone went through my luggage and took whatever they pleased.

I would like compensation for my stolen GPS in the amount of $100 or a free voucher with Airtran to fly me and my family anywhere you fly in the US or Intl. Again, I have used Airtran Airways for many, many years and if I am not happy at the outcome then they have lost a loyal valuable customer. I will take my business with another airline and expect a response within 24-48 hours.


Mrs. M. Davis

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87a4b537, 2012-01-02, 01:59PM CST

I have just had an Apple iPad 2 stolen from my bag and I am being told no electronics are covered by the airlines. I flew from MLI to MCO and got my luggage and found I was missing an iPad that was wrapped in Santa paper. I had two items of similar size and shape but only the iPad was taken. I have called the Orlando Int'l and filed a claim and was told I would receive a call within 2 days. I was on my 2nd day of vacation December 24th and received no call of any kind as of yet(Jan. 2nd). I wish to have a resolution to this matter as I have had to purchase another identical iPad as it was a Santa gift to one of my children. I felt it would be safe in a checked bag and didn't want my child to see it removed from a carry on and see that I had Santa's gifts. Also myself, my wife and my 2 kids watched as they scanned our bags at MLI knowing what we had inside. The thought was they may want us to come back and turn it on to make sure it was a legit electronic device. Never did they call us back to open our bags. When we received our bags after our arrival to MCO someone had taken the iPad and left a few pieces of wrapping paper in the bag. Also my wife's toiletry bag had been rummaged through and not zipped up.

Have you found any resolution? I have tried contacting TSA also because whom ever took my iPad knew what they were getting.


Mr. G. Weikert

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