Sears Auto - Work not started on car

Posted on Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 at 7:50am CDT by bc2115cb

Product: Oil change

Company: Sears Auto

Location: Colonial Park

Category: Other

Took my car in for an oil change first thing this morning. I was there just before opening time (7:30) althought they opened about ten minutes late. I was the first one in, completed the paper work and was given an 8:15 pick up time. At 8:15 I checked on my car and it hadn't even been moved from where I parked it. I was told that things had "got busy" WHICH IS WHY I MADE SURE I WAS THE FIRST THERE! The manager very generously (sarcasm) offered to start my oil change next. Sorry, I've just lost an hour of my life waiting for a non-existant service and I have things to get done ON TIME. I'm done with these guys.


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