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Posted on Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 at 11:52am CDT by 7b2c779a

Company: Tiffany Bras

Location: 2920 Grand Island Blvd., Unit 1


Category: Stores, Shopping

I placed an order for underwear. Called to asked questions and their answering machine says they don't return phone calls and you must email them and they will respond within 24 hours. I emailed them and never got a response.

Placed the order and item showed in stock and the order confirmation stated that the order would be shipped in 5 - 6 days and arrive in 2 - 3. After 9 days I had not received order. Emailed company and they said it was shipped that day. AFter 5 daysm no order. Contacted them again and they said it was delayed and they had sent an email stating this, however, they lied. They didn't send an email.

It took over 2 weeks to get my order. This company lies and is very unprofessional. Email communications from them are evident that this is ran by foreign individuals with improper English and their responses were inappropriate and unprofessional. When I explained to them that I was going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau they stated, "Go ahead--it's a free world." How professional is that?

Be weary of this company before placing an order. Although they have good prices on brand name products, they are not professional and can't be trusted.


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1022013d, 2011-12-01, 12:12PM CST

I had a very similar with Tiffany's Bras. I ordered 3 items, and received them 2 weeks later, only in place of a cami I ordered I got bra nothing like the ones I ordered or the cami. So I sent them a polite email asking how they would like the bra returned and when the cami would be shipped out. I received a response stating it was my responsibility to pay the return shipping until they had time to process my return once the item was back in their warehouse. When I told them I don't think I should be responsible for the return shipping and I would expect them to at least offer to ship the time I ordered. I was told too bad I knew the "polices" when I placed the order. In my second response I told them I didn't not think this was right and I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau I was told "go ahead-they already have their rebuttal paperwork ready to go! What kind of company does that! They also refuse to return calls, if you call the number on the site it directs you to send an email if you want a response! Really wish I would have read this review be ordering!

5645e86b, 2012-03-03, 09:58AM CST

I bought 3 bras from this company and returned them quickly. I have placed numerous calls and emails inquiring about my credit. No response. Not professional and buyer beware.

7c2eb80b, 2012-06-05, 12:16PM CDT

Just as much trouble here. Their response to us was "complain as much as you want, make yourself happy"....really?

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH TiffanysBras,, JuliasBras, or any other affiliates of!

Laurie F., 2013-01-22, 01:55PM CST

I ordered items from Tiffany's Bras and they charged my credit card even though the items were out of stock. It has been 2 weeks now and they still have not processed the credit. The fact that they do not answer the phone or call you back is very unprofessional. This company needs to be shut down.

Bonnie, 2013-02-19, 02:27PM CST

Wow sure with I had seen all this before ordering from this company yesterday. I received an email today stating that everything I had ordered was out of stock (website said otherwise). I emailed asking if there was any way to determine if an item was in stock before ordering and received a real ugly email back saying they were on human and sometime humans make mistakes. Well, I agree with that and my mistake was ever ordering in the first place. I am so afraid of this company that I am not going to wait for them to refund (they charge my credit card even though the items were out of stock) my credit card, I'm going to refuse the charge. Buyer beware!!!

1ebd1003, 2013-04-11, 01:39PM CDT

Still waiting on the rest of my order 3 years later. Maybe this was why they were cheaper than some other companies - they don't actually ship it all.

Bonnie, 2013-04-16, 05:48PM CDT

To post # 49433075 If you have not paid for the merchandise on your credit card then I would advise you to contact your credit card company and refuse the charge. These people (Tiffany's bras) are out to keep your money if possible. I finally got the reverse charge through on my card, but only AFTER I contacted my credit card company and refused the original charge so Tiffany's knew their scam was not going to work. Apparently they are using a third party to bill and credit for all items shipped, hence all the problems when something is out of stock or returned. I'll certainly never place an order with them again. Good luck.


d972230c, 2013-07-05, 09:56PM CDT

I purchased some sports bras from this company before reading the bad reviews. I immediately contacted them because no shipping info had been sent. They sent the shipping info within an hour or two, and the bras arrived within about a week. They did not fit, so I followed the instructions for returning them. After about 3 weeks and no word on the returns, nor any credit on my credit card, I emailed them. I received a very quick response that their refunds are handled by a separate company, and it could take a month to get my refund. They were apologetic for the delay. In just a few days, the full amount had been refunded to my credit card. After reading all the negative reviews, I decided to post a positive review for good customer service!

49a10c8e, 2013-07-26, 01:56PM CDT

Wow, what a rip off. I had ordered bras from them before, but they came and everything was okay. This time I ordered three bras and received and was charged for five on my credit card. I sent them an e-mail and they told me to send the two extra bras back and they would send the money back to my credit card. Their return policy says if it is my fault then I have to pay for the shipping. Since it was not my fault I expected to get that refund too. When no refund showed up on my credit card, I asked the post office to send me a copy of the paper they signed showing that they had received the return. It was signed by Michael Knight. I sent them a copy of the signed receipt and asked again for my refund. Now they don't respond to anything I try to send them. They have the system rigged so they have no contact with you. The response actually says that the email won't be answered until later. How about never. If you don't have any response in a reasonable amount of time notify your state's attorney general. They will not laugh at you , and they will help you. I didn't read the reviews either because I had done business with them before. That was a huge mistake.

Wec, 2013-10-07, 12:08PM CDT

I ordered 2 bra's from Brandzstore on June 17,2013 They deducted my money on June 18,2013. I received email that they were out of stock and would credit my account. It's October 7, 2013...NO CREDIT. I have made repeated calls and left msg even tho the voice mail says they don't return calls. So, why have a number if you're not going to return phone calls. I have emailed them so many times and they do not respond. Next im going to the FTC. This company is committing fraud and needs to be shut down.Please, anyone thinking of ordering from this business heed these warnings on this site.

Dixie, 2013-11-03, 12:45PM CST

Waiting for my $33 refund from BrandZstore for items returned in July. No replies to multiple email requests for refund.

Wec, 2013-11-04, 02:28PM CST

It is now November and no word. They did not respond to BBB complaint I made. I made that complaint on 9-26-2013. If you paid this charge thru your bank, call them and see if they will reverse the charges. My bank has told me to show proof of where i have tried to get my money refunded and they will reverse the charges. Good luck everyone! This company is committing fraud and needs to be complained about to the FTC. I already did and you can too.

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