Walmart selling Sam's Club rasin Bran - Walmart selling Sam;s Club rasin Brand;

Posted on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 at 2:08am CDT by 6d0f9b35

Company: Walmart selling Sam's Club rasin Bran

Category: Food

About a year ago I bought some Raisin Brand from Walmart and to my

surprise I was eating a bowl and tasted something gritty in my mouth

took it out but could not figure out what it could be and low and behold I emptied the box and found the bottom full of rat dropping I became up

set my pressure went up and I started to just shake . I went to the emergency room and was given something to calm my pressure down. since then I have not been able to eat Raisin or Raisin brand . I have picture and a letter from walmart but they never said they were sorry or any of the sort. how do they get away with a thing like that. I had a attorney to write them and send them a sample but nothing came of it. I just wanted to know how did that come to be? the box was changed and they are no longer on the shelve. but I wonder. Mrs. E

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b0fcd045, 2012-08-15, 02:04PM CDT

Walmart - suppppppppuurrrrr store - I dislike shopping at this store - it is tooo large - the lines are usually long and the pharmacy is always the place where I get abused - wait and more waiting - The fact is: their prices are goooood - their selection is usally good - it is one stop shopping - they do not have to be customer friendly - they will always have more customers - so unless another big store comes along with can offer what they do and also some good customer service - I will shop for most of my things at Walmart - They have a captive audience.

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