Sprint - Sept. 15, 2011 new Sprint policy: charge everyone $36

Posted on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 at 12:33pm CDT by f8d382bf

Product: Sprint

Company: Sprint

Location: US

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Everyone is up in arms over the BOA $5 fee, however there's no news on Sprint's newly imposed policy as of Sept. 15, 2011 for $36 "activation" fees for customers who've been with the company for over a decade. Sprint claims that when you want to change over your phone, it costs $36 for someone to type in the number. Loyal customers who request the fee to be waived (as it has in the past, apparently) are told that new company policy is that the $36 fee can no longer be waived. Not only that, but they argue that EVERY cell-phone provider now implements the "no-waive policy." When arguing that $36 is more to a company than an 11 year loyalty with 4 phones, their argument: "Why should you pay less than every other customer at the gas station?" I responded: "It's not comparable! I'm willing to pay for the gas like everyone else, I just don't want to be charged $36 to lift the handle off the pump first!" Needless to say, I'm canceling my 11 year loyalty and 4 phones with Sprint.


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