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Posted on Monday, October 17th, 2011 at 3:10pm CDT by ce556cdd

Product: Regal 3880

Company: Regal Marine Industries, Inc.

Location: 2300 Jetport Drive Orlando, FL 32809
Orlando, Fl, 32809, US


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I bought a 3880 Regal boat from the factory in July 2006. Three weeks ago I took it to Marathon Key for the regular maintenance at Sundance Marine ( an authorized Regal dealer). During the work they found 25 gallons of diesel in a compartment named the bilge. They don't know were the fuel came from and they proceeded to search in the fuel tank compartment. After the fuel tank was out of the boat they noticed a lot of tiny holes in the base of the tank being the reason for the 25 gl. of fuel to leak into the bilge. Thank God we didn't get a spark running the boat with my family on board.

All Regal owners must check for defective material in the manufacturing of the fuel tanks. The material used (aluminum) is highly corrosive and sensitive to humidity and electrolyte causing the tank to be pin pointed with holes. Regal factory doesn't assume any liability in replacing the tanks, even though you and your family are at extreme risk when running your boats. For a 5 year old boat it is inconceivible both fuel tanks are in such condition and the manufacturer denies any liabilities. They offered me a 50% discount of the tanks' price and I have to pay for the shipping but what about the tanks' material?


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