Brent Allen Photo - Brent Allen Photo Scam

Posted on Monday, October 17th, 2011 at 4:06am CDT by e4d82df4

Product: Photographer

Company: Brent Allen Photo

Location: 4132 Locust Ridge Rd.
Sevierville, TN, 37876, US


Category: Other

Brent Allen, also doing business as Brent Allen Photo, entered into an agreement with my company, The Patriot Girls, to take photographs for a calendar that would be used to raise money for a charity that benefited the troops in exchange for providing lodging for the weekend and photographic credit.

This agreement was entered into March of 2011 and the photo shoot was held over Memorial Day weekend on May 28th, 2011. His accommodations for the weekend were provided and I still have the receipts to prove it.

We were unable to shoot all the models required for a full 12 month calendar in the time provided and it was mutually agreed that we would make an effort to finish on a later date, or in the event we would be unable to coordinate, another photographer would complete the shoot.

Brent Allen did not provide the proofs from said shoot until the end of August 2011, nearly 2 months after the shoot. This delay in providing the proofs put undue strain on our ability to coordinate a follow up shoot to complete the calendar. Instead, it was decided that since we couldn't bring a calendar to market in time to effectively market it, we would publish posters of the 4 girls that we were able to shoot.

Brent Allen was asked on several occasions throughout September and October if he was able to finish editing the images from the shoot and on every occasion he responded that he was too busy traveling or had "paid" work that took priority.

I sympathized with Mr Allen that he had a busy workload and that higher priority clients should come first. However, the models involved in the shoot were growing impatient and in order to have posters printed by Veteran's Day, I finally began to press Mr Allen on when he would finally be able to complete the editing, having now been more than 4 months since the shoot.

On Oct 13th, Mr Allen refused to edit any images and when threatened with publicly exposing his breach of our agreement, set out to discredit and slander myself and my company in an attempt to cast himself in a better light.

In the days following, he has reportedly contacted numerous others within the industry in an attempt to "blackball" myself and my company with the modeling and fitness industry as well as send numerous threatening and taunting text messages.


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