at&t - at&t dsl columubs ohio

Posted on Sunday, October 16th, 2011 at 1:09pm CDT by e68b5098

Product: dsl

Company: at&t

Location: columbus, oh, US


Category: Other

company keeps playing games with the cost of their slow dsl service. This is the second time that they told me the cost would be reduced to 14.95 in about 3 months. Well guess what, they still have not reduced the cost and keep charging me 35.00 per month for their express (slow) service. 1st it was bad speed with their Unverse dsl and poor channel line up. Avoid these people! They flat out lie to you and do not follow up on promises. If you want ripped off and poor service, call AT&T. I have had enough. All service was ended! I wont be paying final bill! Thanks for all the hassles.


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