buds construction - roofer scams Buds Construction

Posted on Friday, October 14th, 2011 at 4:46pm CDT by f4735806

Company: buds construction

Location: 9601 south county line rd.
cloverdale, in, 46120, US

Category: Other

buddy or henry ower of this so called company , was supose to rip off and replace a roof for me, said it was to 3200.00 needed 2200,00 up front, i wrote him a check. said he lost his id, needed me to bring him the cash, it was saturday and the company he buys the roofing from was closing at noon. he stated and showed be he was insured and lic. through the state of indiana, after 1 week said job had more repairs said it will cost anoth 3500.00 , also needed another 2000.00 down and of coures it was saturday again, i gave him another 2 grand, the follong thursday states he needs another 500.00 ran out of money for materials, i gave him 500.00 cash, he has never returned to finish the job yet aweek later we had a bid rain where henery and his children tore off the roof it flooded the inside of my home, the celling fell to the floor from the weight of the water, drywall damaged paneling damages. i spoke to henry 2 times said he would meet be at the job. he never showed eighter time. i have at least 20,000.00 in damages plus the cost of the roof. he is very thin man drives an old red truck has 2 young daughters and 2 sonns working with him. on sons name is jush, also brings his dad an older gray hair man to make it look for real... no not belive one word this man of any of them have to say. they are thiefs, liers , cons and scams. i will be taking this group to court. beware of them they have tatooes of bobwire on there arms some of them do,


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