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I went to these 2 Docs, @ the OBGYN at the Hartford Hospital (Hartford CT) womens clinic to get a much needed hysterectomy. It went wrong, very wrong.

3 days after discharge I came down with a raging strep infection (103 fever). I called the hospital where I had the surgery and the operator didnt know the doctor??!!

I then went to and was admitted to The Hospital of Central CT. I was on assorted antibiotics (IV) for a week straight. If I was not dying by the time I got there, I was sure wishing I was after the first week. Vancomycin , one of the drugs they used, kept collapsing my veins. By the end of the 1st week, both of my arms looked like pin cushions. But, lets not forget the pain involved. The nurses kept flushing the line, after every dose. Painful doesnt begin to describe it.

And dirty!! With a fever so high I couldnt see straight. No offer to help with any hygiene. I was pretty ripe by the end of week one.

During week one Dr. Morosky and an associate did a second surgery because the drugs didnt break my fever. When my temp went to 99.8( at the end of week 1) the hospital decided I should go home.

Unfortunately, when the VNA visited me, day 1 after week 1, they had a different idea. My temp had gone back to 103 and I had to do another week in the hospital. It was basically a repeat of the first week w/o the surgery. Dr. Morosky tried to suggest that the 24 hours I was at home had everything to do with the return of the fever. and gold coins fall from the sky regularly.

By the end of week 2, I was told I was too healthy for the hospital and not healthy enough to go home. With only the clothes on my back I did a week at a rest home that had all the charm of a stove pipe in satans kitchen.

When I had my followup with Dr. Morosky, (after the week in the rest home)he looked at my wound and frowned. At this point I had been with him long enough to know that frown was bad news. He had a Dr. Sing come and look at me. I was told not to get off the table and the two went into the hall to talk. When they came back in, I was told to get up, carefully, go home and pack a bag.

While home packing, Dr. Morosky called me . He told me he would admit me in Hartford.I was told the Hospital for Central CT worked with Hartford Hospital and they routinely sent more complicated cases to Hartford. Since I had been saying all along that I didnt want Dr. Beller as a doctor, I thought my wishes would be respected.

No such luck.

I spent 4 days @ Hartford Hospital, for a cat scan. I had a number of docs examine the wound and finally I was told to go home and let it heal. I am no doctor, but I had my doubts that it would heal. One Dr. felt the same as I did, he stated it would not heal, and he recommended that the hernia get repaired, and the wound cleaned and re-closed. The others talked him out of it.

A month and a half of going to Dr. Bellers office. A month and a half of the VNA coming to the house and calling Beller and telling him its getting bigger, and all he could say was I dont handle this type of wound.

Then he brought a surgeon in to look at it.(6 weeks later) This was after the hysterectomy wound was had been pushed open wider because of the hernia. The surgeon said he could fix the 23 cm hernia in one month. I went with him over the doctor of choice.

I went for surgery during the later part of July. He couldnt fix it. He now says its going to be a year since the first surgery (4/11) when he could fix it. Maybe

I go to a wound care center 3X a week the hernia is hanging out 18 cm. I am in pain now all the time. The most interesting question I get all day is did I have a bowel movement?

I am with a surgeon, who seems to be the only game in town. I have talked to 4 different docs and they all say the same No doc worth their salt would touch that wound-its too big and bad. I cant walk into Hartford Hospital without crying.The anxiety I feel when I go to the surgeons office is unbelievable. I cant bring myself to much look at the wound, which they tell me is between 15 and 20 cm open.Where they tried to sew skin over the wound, the seam partially broke.

Throughout all of this I have tried real hard to talk myself into believing that this was an unfortunate complication to this type of surgery. Then I read my file from Hartford.

Mistake #1: The file stated I swabbed positive for MRSA. Really? and yet Hartford Hospital operated one week later without addressing this? When asked I was told oops, typo

Mistake #2: I had Group B strep prior to surgery? Really? Group B strep is NOT suppose to be present when women have children or have OBGYN Surgery, as was my case.No treatment was given for this. When Hartford Hospital was confronted about this, there was no reply.

Mistake #3: The notes Dr. Morosky dictated stated that it was common knowledge that this wound would not heal. No one told me. No one gave me a clue of what was to come. When I asked why the hernia was not repaired when it was smaller, no one could answer.

Reading the file, I am convinced that this isnt a case of post op crap happens. This is pre op you knew about it. I am left to wonder how this would have turned out if the infection had been addressed prior to the surgery.

Oh, and before I forget, Hartford Hospital contacted me to tell me that they wanted to have a meeting (Dr. Roach). I told him no, that I wanted to talk to a lawyer first. Then I got a call from Dr. Morosky. The conversation turned to what I wanted.

I told him $$ is not important to me. As weird as that sounds its the truth. I told him I would love it if the supportive services could continue until the surgeon states the wound is as good as it will get No further surgeries will make it better. Again, and I said it. Hartford Hospital taking care of that need will happen after the sky rains gold coins.

Then the 2 doctors who head the obgyn department call me, and they want to talk to me about the conversation I had with Dr. Morosky. That was a week ago.

I have since contacted a lawyer who is willing to review the case, and he has stated he would love it if these guys called him and would tell him the details surrounding this meeting. So far the phone has been silent.

In the mean time I sit at home and watch the life I enjoyed sail by. I had basically no summer and now no fall. I love mountain biking, and horse back riding.Swimming is good too. I love going to fairs, and the Pet expo, and dancing the time warp, when Rocky Horror comes to town.

I got yelled at for going to the movies. The VNA almost cried when she heard I was taking the laundry down stairs. We wont even discuss the words that came in my direction when I told people I went to the market to shop for food. I have no one to do this for me, and these chores do need to be done.

I cant go to work in this condition. I have mixed emotions about being on public support. I am embarrassed that I have to rely 100% on them, and yet relieved that I am not living in a box behind Walmart.

I would love to know what the public opinion is about what I have described. As of the writing of this, Hartford Hospital has given me the impression they wish I would go away. I have a belly wound that says I will be around for at least another year.

Thank you for your time.

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