TGIF Fridays - Racist enviroment

Posted on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 at 10:33am CDT by 7abbd455

Product: TGIF Fridays

Company: TGIF Fridays

Location: 2444 Preston Rd. Plano, Texas 75093
PLANO, TX, 75093, US

Category: Restaurants, Bars

Was called a 'Nigger' 3 times by drunk customers at the bar and both bartenders heard them and did not go get a manager, did not refuse them service and didn't apologize to us. We actuallu brushed off the first 'Nigger' being called because we saw he was drunk but another drunk customer that should have been cut off from drinks sat beside us in the 4th quarter and again said what's up my 'Nigger' once again bartender heard the drunk customer and didn't go get a manager or ask him to leave the staff didn't even bother to apologize. I had to ask for a manager and when she walked up she seem to have had a few drinks and tried to laugh it off when we informed her that the "Nigger" word was being used and no one made us feel comfortable. I was thinking maybe they made bets to see who could get away with calling the 2 big black guys "Niggers" at the bar because none of the staff reacted to them after hearing the "Nigger" word. This restuarant need to learn the cut off limit for customers and learn how to react when other customers are being called racist words and I have other white customers as witness that were upset also. Oh and the drunk guy even slap one of the waitress on her butt so she is a witness also.


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