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Posted on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 at 3:57pm CDT by 3cb754e4

Product: USPS.COM

Company: US Postal Service

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This complain is against all the people who call the Customer Service line of and complain about the US Postal Service.

Most of the calls are about stopping a certain package or letter because you forgot to put a zip code or wrote the wrong address. And others bought a service that doesn't track, because is so cheap you are lucky it even exist. And you were too cheap to buy extra services that would make it possible to track your package. My complain is against you the consumer, because you call that number to yell at the customer service personal that take your call. How can you possible blame this poor hard working people for your stupidity. The Post Office job is to deliver and they do that, and your taxes and .44 cents don't pay their salary. They support themselves with extra services that you are too cheap to buy. That is the reason why the Postal Service is failing because of you, and only you cheap mother F.


26298627, 2013-02-25, 01:53PM CST

Most of the complaints are because of these lazy employees today. Union policy and lazy employees have damaged the USPS. UPS is sometimes cheaper if you check and today one can online. UPS has tracking and insurance included in there cost. USPS you have to add those services which tends to increase the price. Delivery confirmation is not tracking as they say when you ask about its location they tell you today delivery confirmation is a courtesy as it is no longer being charged for so it is at the post offices option to scan it.

What kind of system is this. No scan when its dropped off if you use ship and click and then if it ever gets scanned its a courtesy.

Shawnee s., 2013-11-15, 09:03AM CST

I bought a book on ebay from Goodwill. They shipped it out on 11-02-2013 I still haven't received it. 9245 8901 0984 8105 5405 85. What is going on???

Don't email me Please..... Please call me 903-601-0399

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