Sprint Wireless - Sprint's Horrible Customer Service

Posted on Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 at 12:18pm CDT by c1023531

Product: Cell Phone

Company: Sprint Wireless

Location: PH

URL: http://www.sprint.com/

Category: Other

I am writing this complaint in response to the level of service I experienced with Sprint for the last two days. I have made a total of 5 calls yesterday and one today to purchase the HTC Evo Shift phone as a replacement for my Blackberry. I have spoken to a total of 7 customer service reps. (3 in the Philippines, two in the US yesterday). Today I spoke with 2 reps in the Philippines during one call -3 if add a call that was dropped. Only one overseas rep was able to pull up my account information using my security question. The others were unable. The 2 American reps were able to pull up my information using the same question. While they are clearly instructed to be nice on the phone, there is nothing more frustrating than being asked the same questions from more than one person knowing you will get the same result. This morning I was so fed up I demanded to speak to someone in the States. I was told that they could not do this. Then they told me to hold on as if they could. I was transferred to another person from the Philippines (I know because I asked) who gave me the same speech about not being able to direct calls to the US. I was then transferred to someone else who assured me he was going to help, only to have him drop the call. I sent sprint an email complaint yesterday and received a message back stating that I should receive a response. I have received no response.

Many months ago, I was the victim of fraud on my account which was dealt with back then. I certainly understand, and even appreciate a higher barrier of safety being used to protect personal information. Still I question why I have to speak to multiple parties who can never give me a clear cut answer; If I went to a store to show my state issued ID will they honor the same deal ($99) that the initial sprint agent quoted over the phone. The American I did speak to yesterday just gave me a number and told me to call. When I did call the store the person told me to just order it online. When I attempted I got -the ??for security reasons, we cannot process your order?? message. I called back. I was so exasperated at a Pilipino customer service rep putting me on hold so that she could check with her manager that I eventually hung up. I have been a loyal customer for years and paid a lot of money during that time. I expected a lot more and feel deeply disappointed at this lack of quality customer service.

C. Robinson


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