Car Doctor Mobile auto repair - Overcharged by this Company

Posted on Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 at 12:47pm CDT by 40228038

Product: Repair on Acura automobile

Company: Car Doctor Mobile auto repair

Location: 209 Alta Ave
roseville, ca, 95678, US


Category: Other

I called this service, a one man shop, and hired him to do a fairly simple repair to my Acura at my home. Brent seemed like a really nice guy when he came out and diagnosed the issue and ordered the 2 parts and told me that he would finish the job the following Monday (4 days later). I had to call him that Monday to find out what time he would be coming and he informed me that it would be another WEEK before the parts arrived. His excuse was that the "parts guy" lied to him. So, since I had already paid a $200.00 deposit on the job, I waited for another week and the following Monday he came out to do the repairs. He was at my home for a an hour and a half, and even asked me to assist him with the repairs,(which I did for 45 minutes). The he presented me with a bill for parts and $400.00 in labor. I was shocked and objected. He stated that he charges $135.00 per hour for the first hour he comes out on any visit and $90.00 per hour thereafter. I asked why he did not disclose that at the start and he had no answer. He said that the 200.00 deposit I had paid when he diagnosed the problem was for LABOR ONLY! It took less than 30 minutes to diagnose, but he stayed for another 45 minutes talking to me about my car and then all the cars he has owned. I didn't, however expect him to bill me for being socially polite and answering his questions about how much I liked my car and how fun it was to drive. In short, he billed me $600.00 for a repair that should have cost no more than $400.00, parts included. (I later got a phone estimate from a local shop for 400.00 for the same repair, including the parts.) The repair seems to be ok, but buyer beware, he will try to overbill you! I am very unsatisfied with Brent's ethics.


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