Posted on Monday, October 10th, 2011 at 4:50pm CDT by DIANE T.


Company: COCA COLA

Location: P.O. BOX 1734
ATLANTA, GA, 30301, US

Category: Other

I live on Coke Classic. I've been drinking it for over 40 years. From time to time, I experience a problem with the cases I buy. Since Coke changed it's aluminum to something a lot cheaper and flimsier, these problems have escalated. Several times I have purchaseded cans that are bowed out, dented, and flat or punctured. When I called to report this latest one, back in January or February of 2011, they told me they would replace the case (two 12 pack coupons would be sent to me). I never received the coupons. When I called Coke, they told me the coupons were being printed and would come to me, but they did not. In AUGUST of 2011, I received two expired Coke Coupons that expired 6/30/11. When I called Coke, they did nothing and said Atlanta would get back to me. Nobody ever did. I wrote a letter and received a snippy response from Ms. Pamela Teamer-Yisrael, who is apparently a manager. The letter stated that "we are concerned that we have received multiple contacts with names and addresses similar to yours." Well, yes, they did, because they never sent my replacement coupons! I still have not received them and I do not appreciate being treated like this. I would expect the same courtesy I would extend to any of my clients or customers. I just want the damaged cans replaced, or the two coupons replaced for their error. Don't bother calling Coke. It's an exercise in frustration and they certainly do not back up their products. I even own stock in this company. I'm going to sell it now and switch to Pepsi which I've always liked as well.

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0e3c2252, 2012-09-27, 05:13PM CDT

I just got a letter back from the same Pamela Teamer-Yisreal manager after i sent a letter to coke for a english project.I wrote that the coca cola logo backwards says no muhammad no meccah ( just google image search coca cola backwards) and you will be amazed. she said that it was not true even though the logo matches exactly and had some story that I couldn't tell if it were true or not

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