Del Monte Pet Products - Milk-Bones full of Mildew

Posted on Saturday, October 1st, 2011 at 5:13am CDT by 78344303

Product: Milk-Bones

Company: Del Monte Pet Products

Location: Del Monte Pet Products Del Monte Foods Consumer Affairs P.O. Box 80
Pittsburgh, PA, 15230-0080, US


Category: Other

Dear Milk-Bone,

I have been a super fan of this product for many years. I am now extremely upset, and not sure what to do.

I just went to give my two dogs their am treat this Saturday, Oct 1, 2011 and I noticed that the box I had just opened was full of mildrew on the Milk=Bones.

I am scared as to what this had done to my dogs. I have fed them about 1/3 of the box before noticing the mildew growing on the treats.

I purchased this box of Mini's from WalMart for my chihuahua Daniella, but also feed them to my older Dalmatian, PaiPai...I am very scared and will be contacting my Vet this am.

I am disappointed in Milk-Bone for not following up with quality control. And what makes me even sicker, is I have just purchased four boxes of the new Healthy Variety during a BOGO sale at Publix.

I will be throwing these boxes in the trash. I WILL NOT EVER EXPOSE MY PRECIOUS DOGS TO MILK-BONE AGAIN.

I have no idea what damage has been done to my dog's health. My chihuahua is 5 yrs old, my Dalmatian is 13 yrs old and suffers from heart issues.

No longer a loyal customer,

Teri, Dani, & PaiPai

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joey h., 2013-09-28, 01:47PM CDT

i bought a box of milk bone and fed my dog them everyday for a month or two it was on a shelf so i just stuck my hand in and gave him some a month went by i started noticeing these bugs in my kitchen it got out of control trying to find were they were coming from finallly i realized they were breeding in the milk bones and at the bottom of the box was infested it was the sickest feeling ever its been 6 months now im still having poblems with this bug im at my ends with it ive had to throw every bit of food out in my house vacume clean everything and still they are here i dont know what to do i tried to contact them but i dont get a reply this is bullshit im gonna hire a lawyer and start posting this info everywere online i can to get my point accross they were the ones who didnt get back to me so this is what i will do.

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