Budget Rent A Car

Posted on Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 at 12:21pm CST by 05971fcf

Product: Rent A Car

Company: Budget Rent A Car

Location: 1525 Gallatin Pike N
Madison, TN, 37115, US

URL: http://www.budget.com/budgetWeb/home/home.ex?MID=IYP_tl_102&mpch=ads

Category: Other

This place is horrible. I pre-paid my rental for 7 days because my car broke down. I had to extend my rental 3 days because my car was not ready. I called the office several times and no answer so I called Customer Service and was told it would cost me an extra $68 + $10 (change in reservation fee). A total of $220.00 which includes what I have already paid. I agreed and kept the car the additional three days. When I turned the car in the gentleman said it would be an extra $243 for the three days. I explained to him what Customer Service had told me and he said the best he can do is charge me $160 and that I needed to contact Customer Service. I called Customer Service and because of everything that happened I was given an extra credit. One day later I received an e-mail saying my total rental for the 10 days plus the $10 fee was $220.00. I called the store and spoke with the District Manager Mark Steffen and informed him about the receipt I had just received and asked why I was charged $160 when my receipt says I should have only been charged $78.00 additional dollars because I had already re-paid. He asked me was I expecting a credit and I said yes. This man got an attitude and told me if it was corrected what I was calling him for. I went on to explain I wanted them to know they had made a mistake and charged my card $82 more than what I owed. We went back in forth over what happened. At some point he said "can I talk now and do not interrupt me again!" I have never rented from Budget Rent a Car before now and will never again. He brushed it off because it was fixed. That is not the issue. The issue is they wanted to charge me $243 when I only owed them $78. That is a problem! Yes, while in the office he took it down from $243 to $160 but I was still over charged, I only owed $78. And it took two days for me to receive my refund. That was two days they had money of mines that I did not owe them. And he wants to ask like that is ok!! This man is rude and does not deserve business. Anyone who minimizes and disregards a customer being overcharged is not someone I want to do business with. I had to pay $1,118 to get my car out the shop and he going to overcharge me and not care. I do not have money like that. I explained that to the guy when I returned the car. i told him I just paid to get my car out the shop please make sure and double check you are charging me right. Do not do business with this location. They will take your money and not care!!!!


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