The University of North Texas - The University of North Texas - Rampant Corruption, Bigotry Against Hispanics, Discrimination, Workplace Mobbing, and Dreadful Customer Service

Posted on Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 at 2:47pm CST by cebfe11c

Product: The University of North Texas

Company: The University of North Texas

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I want to express my legitimate complaints about the maliciously bigoted and dreadful experiences at The University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. I had persistently dismal, discriminatory, unfair, and offensive experiences at The University of North Texas and the university is responsible for that. The university leadership (which has been persistently neglectful, duplicitous, and insensitive) must make changes for the better or else masses of students and alumni will wake up from their trauma-induced trances; realize they've been scammed; and begin protesting and occupying the pyramid scheme cult that is the state/public university system. Universities are notorious for unfairly using front groups, astroturf groups (e.g., fake minority groups, fake activist groups, fake complaint departments, etc.), and public relations shills to make their university programs and employees appear ethical and competent when many of them continue to make unethical mistakes and they continue to create an atmosphere of hostility and profound snobbery and bigotry which will not be tolerated. State universities and their systems of corruption all around the nation are active in making the job market and classism worse. Do not let your worthless professors get away with this scam. America is going down the toilet because of degenerate professors and university administration. Protest against them, the board of regents, and file formal complaints, too.

In my experiences the worst problems are the professors in the applied behavior analysis department. Many of the employees at The University of North Texas seem to have profound personality disorders (e.g, NPD, BPD, Autism, etc.) and extreme insecurities that they take out on scapegoats. Richard Smith (Rick Smith) is the so-called chairman of the applied behavior analysis department. He manages the department like a malevolent and passive-aggressive dictator; apparently hiding malicious compliance and bigoted systems behind a genteel smokescreen. His teaching of behavior analysis is adequate; however, I believe he trains his lap-dog professors and instructors to utilize extremely authoritarian methods that inhibit pursuit of happiness, individuality, freedom of speech, justice, and liberty. When I was there they used an elderly Jewish hag professor (a token minority trained to do the dirty work for the bigoted white Anglo management); I believed she was trained to torment and harass students into uniformity and extreme compliance. In my experiences many of the professors and instructors in the applied behavior analysis academic program utilize cult mind, behavior, emotional, and information control. I believe they utilize peer pressure and group pressure to indoctrinate, torment, harass, and mob out certain types of students or to control and micro-manage certain students so that those students are easier to manipulate and trick. That is incredibly unprofessional, bigoted, and anti-American. America is a country with a multitude of colors, races, ethnicities, creeds, viewpoints, lifestyles, and orientations; however, at The University of North Texas they prefer communistic totalitarianism that resembles Stalinism and other secret curricula that alter mind, emotions, and lifestyle with methods of fear, hostility, and uniformity implemented by aids, instructors, and professors. Many professors have poor active listening skills; poor empathy skills; and they retort with mocking innuendo, inappropriate accusations, or angry outbursts when asked questions about homework (yes, this is like a cult). Students who have complaints and who need extra assistance are distracted by administrative manipulation or are unduly influenced to ignore extreme incompetence, disorganization, bias, conspiracy, and extreme chaos.

Furthermore, the curricula is often very biased and redundant; they make you take too many repetitive courses that are not worth the very high levels of tuition; they make you take too many courses in order to graduate; they force you to do too much pedantic group work assignments; and in conclusion I believe they enjoy profiteering off of students and their ignorance. The job market and economy is a disaster because of detestable and extremely unethical leadership and the universities are exploiting that disaster by charging extremely high fees for lousy indoctrination and worthless group work assignments that resemble cult mind control activities rather than free-thought and plural education.

I found the university atmosphere to be very dreadful. Many of the students are socially retarded and profoundly distracted with sports, alcohol, and dirty casual sex. The campus building structures look communistic (Stalin era) and dumpy in many areas. The roads are covered in pot-holes; the sidewalks are cracked to enormous pieces; and the sidewalks are covered in bird excrement. The campus is inundated with brutish police officers and insensitive meter men: it gives the immediate impression that you are in a militaristic police state. Meter men constantly give out tickets demanding expensive penalty fees because the parking lots are constantly overcrowded; it is clearly a deliberate catch 22 and it is not the fault of students who deserve far more respect and tolerance.

The campus population is thoroughly divided into ethnic, racial, wealth, and sexual orientation groups. This campus resembles Stalin's soviet union (that demanded uniformity within groups) and other totalitarian nations where divide and conquer and constant usage of propaganda, disinformation campaigns, indoctrination campaigns, agents provocateurs, gang stalking (psychological warfare), and behavior and information control techniques were implemented to unduly infantilize, manufacture consent, unduly influence, and dominate the citizens. At the UNT campus it appears that there are no constitutional rights and that discrimination against Hispanic and various other minorities is probably a rampant social problem.

I encourage students and alumni to group together, to protest, to file complaints, and to speak out against malicious and bigoted professors; campus psychologists who commit malpractice; and abuse of power. One of the reasons why our job market and economy is so dreadful is because of state universities; their reprehensible and unethical leadership; and their abuse of power and undue influence over students and ethnic, racial, and sexual minorities who are vulnerable.

It is imperative for those who have been repeatedly cheated, tricked, discriminated against, or otherwise harmed to report their findings and complaints to various activist radio shows (e.g., Alex Jones -; report your findings to activists like Michael Moore, Naomi Wolf, Noam Chomsky, Alex Jones, Chris Hedges, Tim Wise, and Ralph Nader. The occupy movements on Wall-Street and in various other major cities indicate that the citizens of the USA will not tolerate tyranny any longer. The tyrants and misanthropic oligarchies will be defeated by the real majority.


81bae467, 2012-05-29, 09:31AM CDT

At first I thought you were insane. Then I realized you're just a troll.

Mike, 2012-11-20, 11:09AM CST

I take exception to your characterization of those with Autism. It's a symptom of your bigotry toward those who think differently. I am one, and it's offensive.

Now about the commies, I don't like them either. And if any commies feel slighted, sorry, but I don't apologize for it. I can't help what I am...but Marxism is a CHOICE!

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