Ruffus Rescue - Unfair Rules for Pet Adoption

Posted on Monday, November 7th, 2011 at 2:38pm CST by 675ab712

Product: Ruffus Rescue Atlanta - Harriett Patterson

Company: Ruffus Rescue

Location: 1981 Audubon Drive
Atlanta, GA, 30329, US


Category: Other

The rules for adoption seem absurd... As dog owners our entire life we were shocked that this rescue group did not let us adopt simply because our dogs are inside outside dogs. Note: The dog we wanted to adopt was a larger dog.

Would it be better that they stay cooped up in a crate all day or outside in the fresh air running and playing. We love the fact that on beautiful days our larger dogs have the opportunity to run and play. This also keeps them trim and fit - unlike some others that stay inside all the time and are fat and unhealthy.

Our dogs thrive on the love we give them. We feel each pet has different personalities and needs and we as their humans, do our best to fulfill them. In fairness to all pets, if adoption rules or standards are set that dogs must be inside dogs, then those rules need to be changed.


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