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Posted on Monday, November 7th, 2011 at 11:58am CST by c458eec9


Location: Winter Park, Fl, US


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My Partner myself and our roommate attended their Powwow on Saturday the 5th 2011..we had a marvelous time until we entered a tent where a older man perhaps in his 50's mid to late..was sitting, he said he was ex army.. I was wearing a camoflauge jacket purchased at a retail store picked out of a rack of about 30 all were the same...not army issue, but that didn't seem to matter..the man as we were looking at native american rings began to lecture me about my wearing army stripes and not being in the army..he compared me to a thief on the street who would be guilty whether he knew he was commiting a crime or not, that almost got him punched out by my Wife she was seething..that man was rude to the point of being cruel..the three of us were preparing to purchasing three rings from him, but his words and attitude disgusted the three of us and we walked away...he acted as if he was offended, but in fact I was the one deeply offended by his attitude, he made it clear I was not welcome..I wonder how many others he offended because I was not the only one dressed that way! We had a good time up until then by the time we left his tent we were no longer smiling and actually left long before we had planned on leaving..That man ruined our day..we are rather doubtful we will be back..

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c458eec9, 2012-03-29, 03:51PM CDT

Actually, hunters should be offended, because infact hunters were the first ones to wear camo, not the military..and they could care less who wears it, go back and if he has the balls to say anything else, throw that up in his face, I wear camo in memory of my father who fought in WW2 and died back in 1999 of brain cancer..had he said anything to me, he would have gotten a earful..

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