U.S. Property Acquisition Services - Crummy online auction practices!

Posted on Monday, November 7th, 2011 at 11:29am CST by d66ca5ee

Product: Norman Rockwell collectible figurine

Company: U.S. Property Acquisition Services

Location: 12874 Wisteria Drive Suite 201
Germantown, Ma, 20874, US

URL: http://seizedacquisitions.com/

Category: Other

This company is an online auction service that implies itself to be a department of the U.S. Government. They claim to sell seized assets acquired as a result of criminal & other activity from Federal law enforcement to local police agencies. Even their logo appears to be U.S. Government (w/ eagle, stars/stripes, etc). While some of it's inventory may have been acquired from law enforcement, they are a private 3rd party seller. Legal; not very moral!

On 10/12/11 I bought a 4 piece lot (Stock #JH262) of Norman Rockwell collectibles totaling $49.15 including premium & s/h.

1 item ( a figurine) was shot from the front, concealing damage to the back. The damage was also not mentioned in the lot's description. I complained & after offering a $20 refund, they raised it up to $30. I considered that offer fair until I realized they wanted the items RETURNED! That would've left me paying $19.15 for absolutely NOTHING; so I chose to keep the stuff.

This company has a deceptive name, deceptive logo & engages in deceptive business practices!


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