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Posted on Saturday, November 5th, 2011 at 3:13pm CDT by f6c7808e

Product: Moving Company

Company: Stir Moving Company

Location: 308 Calvert Ave , suite 200-201
Alexandria, Vi, 22301, US


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My mother and I were moving from Reston, VA to Leesburg, VA last weekend (10/29/11). My mother has bad knees and decided to use a moving company for this move (Stir Moving Company). She provided them a DETAILED list of EVERYTHING that was to be moved and they gave her a quote of 4 hours and $400. Saturday morning when the movers arrived (they showed up in a truck with a totally different company name, and were wearing shirts with a name different from the truck AND the quote) they walked around the apartment for about 2 minutes, and suddenly $400 and 4 hours turned into 6 hours and $900+. Not only did the cost more than double, they were refusing to move the "fragile" cabinets. Now these cabinets were on the detailed list (ex: wood cabinet with glass shelves, wood cabinet with glass shelves and doors). The "head mover" said that if we wanted him to move those they would have to be wrapped in cardboard (which of course cost extra). My mother specifically asked Lisa (csr?) before hand if she could bubble wrap them herself for the move, and Lisa replied with sure that's perfectly fine. At no time in that conversation did she mention anything about them having to be wrapped in cardboard. The "head mover" stated that he didn't want to move the cabinets because if they should happen to break, he didn't want glass in his truck. Now, correct me if I'm wrong.. but my mother and I both are sitting there like.. you're "professional" movers.. NOTHING should break period.

After the "head mover" proceeded to tell us it was going to cost us more than double to move our stuff (minus the cabinets, we'd have to do that ourselves). My mom called Lisa to try and figure out why we were being charged so much, and what the big problem with the "fragile" items was.

Not only was Lisa rude and disrespectful, she was yelling at my mother so loudly that I could hear her clearly through the phone. My mom is sitting there in tears because she doesn't know what to do because we didn't have $900+ to spend on this move, considering we were quoted $400. On top of all this, Lisa yells at my mother and says "I don't care what you do about that cabinets, go get a truck and move them your damn self" and proceeds to hang up on my mother.

In the end, they gave us a SEVERELY under-estimated quote and trapped her into cancelling, forcing her to pay the $350 cancellation fee IN CASH, on the spot and the "head mover" refused to give her a receipt, and they walked out the door.

I WILL be contacting the BBB about this matter and calling Stir on Monday to see about getting her money back now that we managed to get moved. It's not right to trap people into paying a cancellation fee for a cancellation that you are FORCING people into doing.

We ended up having to scramble to find a UHAUL truck and move ourselves (mom's bad knees and all) in the snow storm that hit our area. Took us all day and night on Saturday and part of Sunday.. but we managed to get it done.



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