KLM - KLM 440 Dammam to Toronto via Amsterdam

Posted on Friday, November 4th, 2011 at 9:06am CDT by c5b936c8

Product: confirmed seats where disappear for 22 passengers

Company: KLM

Location: Amsterdam - Netherlands
Amsterdam, Ne, NL

URL: http://www.klm.com/

Category: Other

My 2 confirmed seats where disappear and the same happens for 22 passengers in Dammam, Saudi Arabia flight No KL-440 to Amsterdam dated 4th Nov 2011.

In all words it was very bad image for KLM at Dammam airport, I feel that my 2 seats where stolen or sold to another people.

Only one agent of KLM serving all passengers, the KLM station manager was not there all the time, we arrive at KLM counter at 11:00 PM 3rd Nov 2011 and the flight take of 1:30 AM, the agent transfer most of passengers to next day flight without any arrangement or information where to stay or how to arrange transportation to the nearest city from airport ??Dammam or Khobar??.

5 hours waiting at KLM counter was very bad experience to me, no responsibility from the KLM agent, very bad attitude and careless.

It sames to me that the seats where taken by some VVIP person who travel with his staff on the flight, I need answers from the KLM what happen to my 2 seats where it was reversed and confirm the reservation on 29th Sept 2011, even my seats was selected on line.


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