FIRST NATIONAL BANK - Marcia Dickinson, FNB Selfishly Charges US Returned Check Fees & Overdraft Fees

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Marcia Dickinson, FNB Selfishly Charges US Returned Check Fees & Overdraft Fees

October 19, 2011

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please ensure the following issues get resolved appropriately by having First National Bank of Wellington, KS credit $205 to Checking Account #1167979 (six $30 Dillons Returned Check Fees for Check #s 4751(twice), 4718, 4720, 4722, 4719, plus a $25 Overdraft Fee on September 23 after our $30 ATM Deposit created a positive balance).

After deducting each of the following checks, our account balance was still under the $300 Overdraft Protection Policy Amount. We were never notified that the amount was dropped from $350 to $300.

10/19 CHECK 4751 9.47R -290.28

09/28 CHECK 4718 4.57R -180.50

09/28 CHECK 4720 31.69R -212.19

09/28 CHECK 4722 33.21R -245.40

09/28 CHECK 4719 50.00R -295.40

Of course, our account is overdrawn! As long as FNB Wellington, KS is allowed to selfishly take advantage of their customers that are FINANCIALLY DEPRIVED, STILL UNEMPLOYED VETERANS (Mobilized Overseas after September 11, 2001) and other UNEMPLOYED/PART-TIME ONLY HOMETOWN WELLINGTON, KS REGISTERED VOTERS to further worsen the CONTINUOUS RECESSION by over accessing Overdraft Fees and Returning Checks, what is really expected?

After FNB Wellington, KS unfreezes our checking accounts allowing us to transfer $254.37 to Checking Account #1167979, this will restore our October 19 balance to $-290.28 before Check #4751 was returned to Dillons, which started Domino Effects/negative sets of consequences, still spiraling out of control. $35.91 was deposited on November 4. Reporting negative balances credit agencies/bureaus will block any employment with banks, American Family, etc.

ATM deposits at FNB Wellington, KS are not posted for over 19 hours on weekdays (after lunch), nearly 3 days over the weekends; therefore, their customers are greedily accessed Overdraft Fees and Returned Check Fees. Every one of our deposit amounts has been correct, not fictitious.

If FNB Wellington, KS downloads customers withdrawals twice every day, ATM DEPOSITS CAN SURELY BE POSTED AT 7:30 A.M. EVERY MORNING BEFORE Overdraft Fees and Returned Checks Fees are charged to our accounts at approx. 8:30 a.m. weekday mornings.

Allowing cash deposits to sit in ATMs invites thieves to steal customers cash. By the time FNB Wellington, KS realizes our cash was stolen, 19 to 72 hours have passed before even beginning investigations. Thieves have done spent customers untraceable cash by then. Where does this leave FNB Wellington, KS customers?

On September 22, we made a $30 ATM Deposit, calculating our balance to a positive amount of $.01. Since FNB Wellington, KS does not post ATM Deposits for over 19 hours weekdays (after lunch) and nearly 3 days on weekends, FNB Wellington, KS selfishly charges us Overdraft Fees.

I drove to the LSI Job Fair in Wichita, KS on September 22 attempting to find gainful employment. After arriving home late afternoon, I fed my child and tutored my child with elementary level homework. My $30 deposit was still made on September 22, creating a positive balance.

09/22 ATM DEPOSIT R 30.00 0.01

09/22 ATM DEPOSIT DEPOSIT TERMINAL T73601 206 E HARVEY WELLINGTO KS SEQ # 2165 4480700000036992 30.00

09/22 OVERDRAFT FEE 25.00R -24.99



1. Dollar General was only temporary, minimum wage until relocation was completed on November 18.

2. Chisholm Enterprises/Pizza Hut barely pays our whopping monthly $650 Primary Home Mortgage, our $400+ monthly Electric Bill, and other increasing monthly expenses. Even though I lowered our $153 Sewer Tax to $68 monthly, we are still paying for that unknown water leak that existed for over 15 months.

3. Our dryer has been broken since approx. April; washing machine was leaking/quit agitating approx. September. It costs $2.25 to wash/$1.50 for 30 minutes to barely dry clothes at Hometown Wellington Wheatland Country Laundry Mat, approx. 2-3 days to hang/dry clothes indoors/outdoors. A second dryer rack costs approx. $12.

FNB Wellington, KS is reaping numerous financial successes while setting Hometown Wellington Businesses up for failure. FNB Wellington, KS prevents their very same customers from:

1. Paying an additional $66 monthly for our whopping monthly $650 Primary Home Mortgage; JPMChase expects us to pay $277 American Family Home Insurance increase (Escrow) in 4 months instead of over 12 months. JPMChase may foreclose on us soon.

2. Buying food to feed children/family/pets, personal hygiene items, resume paper/envelopes, blouses, panty hose, dress shoes, oil, spark plugs, other auto tune up/replacement parts etc. from Dillons, Dollar General, Wal-Mart, and other Hometown Wellington businesses, etc.

3. Buying gasoline at Caseys (Speedys), Conoco Jumpstart, Snacks 1 and 2 (Phillips 66), etc.; driving to Wichita, KS job fairs, employment interviews/testing, KS Workforce Centers to test for Certificates to become more employable, etc. is costly

4. Playing Football, Basketball, Track, Swim Team; parents/guardians spend more money in gasoline driving to out-of-town games, eating meals, etc. showing support for Hometown Wellington Sports.

5. Paying City of Wellingtons stinky garbage pick up service, electricity to search and apply for employment online 24 hours daily (saves gasoline), and water for showering

6. Paying KS Gas Service to keep our beloved children and pets warm

7. Paying Sumner Cables Internet Service to complete online courses to graduate from colleges, complete online employment applications, electronically send resumes/cover letters, etc. to employers

8. We cannot afford to eat at Wellington/other restaurants, not even ones with $1 menus and Value Menus.

Is the Bank of America fiasco not teaching FNB Wellington, KS anything? Taking advantage of financially deprived, UNEMPLOYED VETERANS and other UNEMPLOYED HOMETOWN WELLINGTONS REGISTERED VOTERS DURING A RECESSION WILL BACKFIRE ON FNB WELLINGTON, KS, sooner or later.

My email address is now [email protected] My previous computer kept freezing. Since I cannot pay to fix it, I do not have access to my email for documentation that I paid American Family for 2 auto insurance monthly premiums and cannot access any of my resumes/cover letters; I have to start from scratch, again.

Thank you,

Marcia Dickinson


cc: Kroger Check Recovery Center, P. O. Box 30650, Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0650, (800)917-6484

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC),, FDIC Cert: 4795

Better Business Bureau, 345 North Riverview Street, Suite 720, Wichita, KS 67203

First National Bank, 206 East Harvey Street, Wellington, KS 67152


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