Malta Melita Tricks People with Deposit

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 at 11:19am CST by f6a1beaa

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Location: MT

Category: Other


I went to Malta on August 29, and wanted to have an Internet connection. There were 2 companies to connect Internet, but it was obligatory to choose Melita, because my home owner was using Melita. They connected the Internet and took 75 deposit for modem from me. I was leaving Malta on November 18. I called Melita, and asked that how can I get my deposit back. They said that, You have to come one day before your flight, and we will give your deposit back. I went to Melita on November 17, one day before my flight, and gave their modem. Then they said that Were going to give you a cheque and you will be able to get your deposit in any HSBC bank in Malta in five days. I said Are you serious? Im going to leave Malta tomorrow. Then they said, it is our procedure. (bytheway, it was not written anywhere). Then I filled a bank transfer form to get my deposit to my bank account, with about 20 administration fee and they said Youre going to get it in 5 days. But its 12th day, and they havent sent the money, and furthermore they dont respond my mails. What can I do now? I think, I can do nothing...


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