Dell Computers, USA - Dell Computers Bad Equipment/Tech Support

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 at 10:02pm CST by 02b7b9a3

Product: Dell XPS Desktop

Company: Dell Computers, USA

Location: US


Category: Computers, Software

My wife & I purchased a Dell XPS about 3 months ago. The computer was "Bare Bones" and had no Owners Manual for Reference, only a Set-Up Guide. We called Dell Tech. Support for help, since we were having problems with

programs. They told us we had to purchase additional Software in order to solve the problem. (This Software used to be included in New Computers)

We had to purchase this Software otherwise we were at a standstill. The second time we call with a problem,(again no Owners Manual For Reference)the Tech. was rude and hung up on my Wife.


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