Chapman Ford - Chapman Ford Fraud

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 at 3:55pm CST by 51818361

Product: GAP Insurance

Company: Chapman Ford

Location: 9371 Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia, PA, 19114, US


Category: Other

I purchased five vehicles from Chapman Ford in four years for a business I started five years ago. The first vehicle I purchased, I purchased the GAP coverage for. In July this truck was totaled and after my insurance company Harleysville (a great insurance company) sent payment for the totaled vehicle there was a balance of approximately $3,000.00. At first I though the GAP company was the issue because they would not let me submit a claim. Turns out the $900.00 I paid for GAP coverage was never sent to the GAP company which means Chapman kept the funds. Even though I had a contract showing I had the GAP coverage and it was paid, turns out if the dealership does not cut a check to the GAP company you aren't covered.

After many phone calls and "people working on it" I never made progress with Chapman. They owe the balance on my vehicle because they kept the funds. I could tell talking with them they knew they f**ked up. I eventually had to hire an attorney to write letters. Instead of admitting they were wrong at that point and paying they hired an attorney.

It is now four months later and apparently they are going to pay through a settlement agreement. The first problem with that was they made a mistake in the amount obviously not in my favor. I need this vehicle replaced but the last four or five months I had to continue paying the loan and keep current. What a pain in the a**.

Lesson: When purchasing a new vehicle and purchasing GAP coverage. Obtain proof of payment from the dealership that the GAP coverage is in effect.


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