Amber T Henna Party & Event Planning - Amber T Tatto Roof Shield System Plantation response

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 at 11:18pm CST by Anthony R M.

Product: Roof Shield System Response to Amber T

Company: Amber T Henna Party & Event Planning

Location: PLANTATION, FL, 33323, US

URL: /

Category: Other

YELP.COM APPARENTLY REMOVED ALL REBUTTLE POSTS of Roof Shield Systems. illegally Removed 4 Of OUR seperate registered member business response retorts of libelous slander from member Amber T Henna Party, Makeup Artists, Tattoo, Party & Event Planning will not post any of our retorts for defaimimg Plantation company Roof Shield Systems of Florida and the owner Anthony R Meurer. removes all our rebuttles because we refuse to pay for their extortive full membership fee, check Google key words Amber T Complaints her illegal activitys and being sued injunctions filed against check Google for same key words complaints

4/20/2011 OUR retorts all removed

Roof Shield Systems has all the questions the customer should ask when looking at different types of roof coating and paint products.The prices are posted on our website home page for installation and product purchase orders are located on the products page on our website is the roof store net

Dear Admin:

Your Member of

Amber T who is engaged in unlicensed business activitys in Florida is using a false name not listed on her passport defaiming my client Mr Anthony Meurer, defaiming his character as well as clearly promoting competitors products (Somay)and services at the detriment to my clients good name through negative press release transmitted by We have saved the intirty of Ambers libelous statements in live screen snap shot of the posting activitys since Jan 2011, and are pursuit of legal remedy for civil damages as well as civil criminal charges for this unwarranted attack using a stalking horse marketing fraud to promote a competitors brand," Somay"

Callers are notified that they may be recorded for quality assurance to mitigate any efforts such as this type of libelous salacious misrepresentations of the companys agents, Mr Meurers statements, company policy's, procedures, and qualifying service responses.

Per your Terms of Service Agreement

Amber T has cleary violated the Terms oF Service Agreement:


iv.Promote a business or other commercial venture or event, or otherwise use the Service for commercial purposes, except in connection with a Business Account and as expressly permitted by Yelp.

Please Advise

Anthony R Meurer and

Legal Counsel

Michael Cohen....please see below rebuttles removed

Sound like you didnt get to waist this guys time and if you had your heart set on someone elses product did you expect them to sell thier product for them

Mr Aanthony R Meurer was very professional and delivers a great service and his products are premium grade and I would reccomend him to anyone

Amber T.

Henna Artist Extraordinaire

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Bay Area Bellydance Meetup at Negeen!"

Call Amber 888 262 3783

Amber - Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area Amber Temkin. Title: Owner,; Demographic info ... Self Employed - Licensed Psychologist at 7449 NW 4th Street Plantation, Fl 33317 ...

Amber T, Henna Party, Tattoo Artist, and Belly Dancer Dade County has been making unfair and deceptive statements about Sun Air Cooling Corperation and apparently every other service provider in Florida,anyway found Sun Air Cooling was an excellent company to use and they are very professional and on time. They had changed the unit the same day and it was less than all the other bids we received. My wife found this belly dance tattoo artist saying some pretty outrageous junk about this company and they are really good guys.

Suggest Amber T get a real job and stop harassing hard working people, they are not her Johns.

Daniel B

Ft Lauderdale Fl

Amber T, Henna Party,Tattoo Artist, Belly Dancer, Make up Artist, Event Planner of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County's called us and was directed to the site information where the prices and cost calculator are on the home page,it is there for the very reason to avoid any issues like the one described by Amber T.Therefore the statements you made attempt to advertise another brand through negative press tactics, they are written liable and we have now joined the Yelp on line business account community to be able to reply to your salacious slander.We are presenting legal remedy and will be delivering process of service to your several reported business operation's in Dade County to establish jurisdiction and verification of your required licenses since it appears that there are several other company's you have defamed in the same or similar manner using unwarranted illegal SEO smear tactics.Our inbound calls are recorded, anyone wishing for a transcript can contact our legal department for a copy, Mike Cohen PA at 561-502-5261.

Amber T, Henna Party, Tattoo Artist, Belly Dancer, Event Planner

Amber T is Posting misleading statements on line smear tactics

on dozens of reputable service providers.Amber T states online she is licensed in Dade, Broward & Palm Beach County for 4 different types of service business.

We are investigating Amber T (which is not her legal last name) for fraud and have turned our in information into local code enforcement in all of the county's claimed to be actively engaged undertaking these various business to verify the occupational licenses for are posted and available for Tattos, Belly Dancing, and Event Planning promotions which in may


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