Airtel mobile - Airtel-Bangalore: Customer care, ignorant, unhelpful

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 at 6:06am CST by ed8d74d5

Product: Airtel migration post paid to pre-paid

Company: Airtel mobile

Location: Airtel relationship centre, RT Nagar main road, RT Nagar, Bangalore
Bangalore, Ka, 560032, IN


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I am writing this complaint in relation to the issues I am facing after migrating my Airtel post-paid connection to pre-paid. I have been using Airtel post paid connection for close to 4 years. Last year I got an add-on post paid connection (+919900085041) on my primary number. On 19 Nov 2011 I applied for migrating this no. (+91990085041) to pre-paid. I was asked to clear the due payments, to fill a form and provide my address proof, Id proof with a passport photograph. The requirement to provide the address and ID proofs did not make any sense to me since based on these proofs I was given the post-paid connection, nevertheless I complied and provided the documents. It took 2 days for my number to be functional and I was told this was the time required for the processing of the documents. Finally my number was functional after 2 days but all of a sudden my number stopped working since today morning (29Nov2011) without any notice. I called the customer care twice of the first call was abruptly disconnected by the customer care executive without bothering to answer my queries. On my second call I was informed that the incoming & outgoing is barred on the no (+91990085041) since the documents were not proper. The customer care executive was not able to answer my below 2 queries

1) Why was no notice provided before suspending the services to the number

2) Which is the document which is improper & why was the same not communicated to me at the time of submission of the documents or during the so called processing time?

I wished to speak to any available manager to clarify my queries but I was informed that no manager was available and I was informed to visit the Airtel relationship centre for resolving the matter.

On reaching the Airtel relationship centre, the staff was not able to clarify the above queries. I was again asked to call the customer care hot line from the centre and after explaining all the details over the phone I was asked to re-submit all the documents again.

I had carried a copy of my voter ID as ID & address proof (The same proof I had given initially and incidentally to the same person) but the present executive informed that the copy was not clear (?) and I should provide a better copy along with a fresh application form with the photograph.

I questioned the available person that if she could identify that the copy of my voter ID was an issue she could have informed me at the time of submitting the documents initially which would have saved me all the trouble. The available person could also not confirm if re-submitting the documents is going to resolve the issue.

I would like to question anybody from the Airtel to identify what was the exact reason for suspending my number or which documentation had the issue so that I could provide the exact document or clarification instead of going through the same documentation procedure again & again. It is also not clear what is the status of my earlier submitted documents or where it lies.


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