Alabama Power - Alabam Power

Posted on Monday, November 28th, 2011 at 2:01pm CST by 8819549b

Product: Electric Company

Company: Alabama Power

Location: US


Category: Other

This complaint may not make it far with this company because they could give a rats ass about anybody but themselves. Here is my story: I decided to rent this house that was for me and my family, but I needed a co-signer according to the landlord because my income was not enough. So, I asked my brother to co-sign on the house with me. Well, when I went to get my power turned on they told me that he had a bill that was old and outstanding and that it would have to be paid before they turn on the electricity. I advised the lady of the situation and explained that he was not living with me but he signed the lease to help me out. Well she told me that I had to pay the bill balance before I could have power. So, I attempted to call the manager and all the said above and nothing has been resolved and it has been going on for two weeks. I feel like this company is a rip off and only cares about money because I am talking to the manager at one of the locations she opts to tell me that she does not care if he does not have the money or if my kids freeze because they want their money!!! Really!!! This is the way that Alabama Power handles business???? I am too outdone and I dont know what to do. These people and the company are worthless and treat you like crap because they are the only people you can go through to get electricity and they treat you like a crap for that reason. Im fed up!!!


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