Walmart - Theft of Walmart, to the customers (ha ha)

Posted on Saturday, November 26th, 2011 at 10:57am CST by e263b745

Product: policies and procedures

Company: Walmart

Location: 1879 E Sherman Blvd
Muskegon, Mi, 49442, US


Category: Other

Walmart has a very bad attitude twards customers and I in general are attackied everytime I attempt to visit the store.I am rejecting this check and thats it". When I asked for a complaint form, he came back over and the manager stepped over and we all talked and she was the one that I had put the complaint i about there stocking and packing of food items. Iacknowledge that I recalled her with the last omplaint, and she acknowledged with a respone that she recalls me with the situation. We talked, and she was hiding mishap or concealing what she was or had done, so the situation was that in general a discriminationg affect that I am not a olegititmat customer and I had submitted a cmoplaint aout food poisoning and that I was not going to get anything rome them, meaning I am a bum and a theif, and that the food poisonign was in all a a scam to get money or items from them.


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