World's Best Custom Fitted Bras - World's WORST Bra

Posted on Friday, November 25th, 2011 at 2:34pm CST by a7ec6671

Product: Jeunique Custom-Fitted Bra

Company: World's Best Custom Fitted Bras

Location: 2217 Princess Anne Street, Suite 301
Fredericksburg, VA, 22401, US


Category: Other

These bras are NOT the World's Best Bras. If you want to have the pointy look like Madonna (back in the day), then maybe you'll like this bra. It's definitely not good for a large-breasted woman such as myself. The "Bandera" band underneath the breasts which is supposed to hold up the breast material collapsed after one week of wearing. Not a good product at all. Maybe small-breasted women will like this line, but if you're large-breasted, please don't WASTE your money! Their return policy is abyssmal.


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Carol O., 2012-02-27, 11:59AM CST

I would be happy to help this woman with her bra problem, but since she didn't leave an email I cannot respond to her issues. I make a good faith effort to satisfy my customers as I want customers for life.

f1237569, 2012-03-16, 03:26PM CDT

They will NOT refund your money in full. You may S&H which is fine, but I am returning 9 bras, I was charged $59 plus 19.90 plus $9.95, and $29.90 for panties. I want to keep the panties, return person says I will be refunded only $29.95 for returning 9 bras which I was charged $59.90 for??????????????? what ? My total charged so far is $119.65, and even though I am returning 9 bras, I will still be charged another $14.90 for panties on March 31. THESE ARE THE MOST EXPENSIVE PANTIES I'VE EVER BOUGHT. I guess they figure if they make the return policy so horrible, you wont return at all. order # 1010994408

bonnie c., 2013-11-12, 07:55AM CST

I agree with the lady above. I bought nine bras after seeing a program on TV. The deal sounded and looked good but the bras were NOT comfortable at all. The bra looked like the "Genie" bra but it was nothing like the "Genie" bra. The shipping cost is terrible. I was charged $29.95 by them for sending me the bra but to send them back I paid another $11.95 so it actually cost me over $41 for shipping and handling. When I called and complained about the S&H, I was told that I was being charged for the making of the bras. This was the most ridiculous explanation I've ever heard. I bought the "Milana" bra which is made by "Genie" and I wasn't charged S&H at all. If you want a good comfortable bra, then try the "Milana' bra. I bought these bras in September, sent them back the same week and I still have not heen reimbursed for the cost of the bras. I called several weeks ago to find out why I had not been reimbursed and I was told I would be reimbursed within a week - does someone not know how long a week is???? Was I just lied to???? These people are hard to understand - their English is terrible - they certainly are not professional - I am going to call one more time and then I am going to call the Better Business Bureau. They charge way to much for S&H, they don't reimburse your money within a reasonable length of time and they lie about their product. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM and if you have and are not happy then call the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. The more calls made to the "Better Business Bureau" then the quicker they will investigate.

Business Reply  Carol O., 2013-12-18, 11:55PM CST

There are two companies being complained about here. The company that advertises nationally and sells genie type bras is (note it is singular). It has many many complaints.

It is often confused with (plural) which has an excellent reputation. She no longer carries Jeunique bras as the company went out of business. She stands behind her products that have smooth rounded cups and are manufactured by Leunique in Mexico.

If anyone has a complaint with Leunique bras from in Fredericksburg, VA, please contact [email protected]

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