Posted on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 at 6:18pm CST by 07ed1fa0


Company: CLEAR

Location: Dallas, TX, US


Category: Other

I have been a Clear client since 2008 for internet service. The service has been spotty and unreliable over the last year. I have called MANY times, but as it still kind of works, it was more of a pain to change. My November invoice came and my monthly rate jumped up 35% so I called in. I got the rate issue resolved and I took this time to fix my service as well. They mailed me a new modem after an hour of back and forth. When the new (refurbished ) modem arrived, it was even slower than the first one and in fact as 4.0 is acceptable download, mine registered .25. I called in for assistance and after an hour the technician told me that my problem was solved and the second I hung up it didn't work. I called again and another 1.5 hours in, it still did not work. I was told that someone would call me the next day. No one did and the day after that the automated customer service survey called.. It asked my level of satisfaction from 1 to 10 and would not recognize when I pressed l(low) response number, although to go back to the main menu by pressing a number there was not problem. Ridiculous. Later that afternoon I received an automated call saying they have resolved my issue press one to speak to an agent. I pressed 1 and the agent said "how can I help you?" She had no idea why I was called. After looking through the notes said I see no reason that you were called, someone will call you in 24-48 hours.

At this point I am finished. I wanted to speak to a customer supervisor. I was on hold 15 minutes. The agent came back and said the supervisor Mark in technical department said "he cannot help me." I will get a call in 24 to 48 hours. I asked if he was refusing to help me? that was an afirmative.

I am 4 hours into this now. I would like my internet to work. I have been a loyal customer. They do not seem to know what is going on? There is disconnects all over.


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