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Posted on Monday, November 21st, 2011 at 8:26am CST by b339ff89

Product: Queen Size Bed w/mattress and box spring

Company: Houstonfinds.com

Location: Houston, tx, US

URL: http://www.houstonfinds.com/

Category: Other

Purchased a queen size headboard, mattress, box spring, and frame with night stands. When we got there the mattress didn't look like a queen but actually a full bed. Christians stated that he had put the bed together and that the mattress and bed set were together. Christian then went on to state that the mattress was in good condition, pretty new and that it was definitely a queen size bed. We didn't have a tape measure with us and figured it might be a queen size bed. After getting it back to the house and putting the bed frame together, which the metal frame he gave us did not go with the headboard, we realized that the mattress and boxspring was a full size. Also, that the mattress is from 1985. Of course he hasn't responded to attempted communication. The guy is a liar and worst than a used car salesmen. Buyer beware!


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