Grand Appliance - Business practices very unfair

Posted on Monday, November 21st, 2011 at 9:03am CST by 2f0f7a70

Company: Grand Appliance

Location: Genesee, Wisconsin
Genesee, Wi, US

Category: Other

Waited almost 2 weeks for an oven that we ordered , we were frantic because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Our other oven broke down to the extent it was not worth putting any more money in it because of its age. Paid for the new oven in full. Over $1300 , discussion of the color, the size, etc were discussed. The only thing that was not asked was what kind of wiring do you have. When the delivery guys came and pulled out the new oven , stated "no can do" because of the hard wire wiring. Called Grand Apppliance to see what they could do and they were not very helpful. Stated quite blank , nothing they could do, and maybe Monday but not promising Monday 11/21. So we told them to take the range away and we will come and get our money back within the hour. We were quite upset ! When we arrived there was a sherrif's car sitting in the parking lot with the officer inside Grand Appliance. Walked in to get the check and there was no apoligies, nothing ! The officer glared at us all the time we were there. Very insulting that they would have to call a sherrif concerning this matter. As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot, the sherrif left then too. Unreal !


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