Discount Tire - bad customer service of Discount Tire

Posted on Sunday, November 20th, 2011 at 10:26am CST by baaed7cb

Product: tire change

Company: Discount Tire

Location: 13376 Research Blvd #600
AUSTIN, TX, 78750, US

Category: Products, Services

I left my car for tire change at store, the technician told me it should be done in 45 minutes, I gave them my cell # for them to call me after it's done, I never received call, after 3 hours and half, I went back to check, a technican told me the job had been done, my car was on the parking lot, I went to pick up my car and found it badly scrathed on the left back side, I went back to the store and asked what's going on, store manager and technicans went check and confirmed this was a new scrath, but it's not their responsibility, for compansation, the store would like to give me $100 credit for exchanging not to file claim, but I insisted they should fix my car, then they filed a claim for me, claim department sent a inspector to check and told me the damage was not by any tools, so they refused to take any responsibility to repair, I contacted a VP in the regional center, got the same response that I can't approve the car damage was caused by the store, so the store can't be responsible, as a customer, when I leave my car in your store, I expect I can get my car back in the same condition, if the car gets damaged, the store should be responsible to repair, I don't care how the damage happened. I think the Discount Tire didn't respect customers' right and treated me, a long time customer, with indignity. Bad customer experience! I'll never do business or recommend my friends to do business with Discount Tire.


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