goodyear auto service - tell the truth

Posted on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 at 8:18pm CDT by 6c5f4c8f

Company: goodyear auto service

Location: 3594 rt 31 kimbrook village baldwinsville,ny
baldwinsville, ne, 13027, US


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i took my car into goodyear in baldwinsville,ny for a oil change i heard them in the garge talking and laughing they said do you think he wil find out what wedid then when i left i saw that they played with the milage and the speed meter was not reading right.they told two differnt stories to what happened but they dont add up first of all the car was on reg milage they claimed they had to put it on reg milage then they claimed they hit the milage button by mistake how can you hit the milage button by mistake when you the oil change takes place in the engine not in side the car also that dont add up due the speed meter was not working right.the garge i took it to that fixed it for me said they hooked the copmuter to my car wich they should not have to do that or touch any buttons to dop the oil goodyear is saying im lying the only one telling lies is them.they played with my car then lied about it.i did not know any of those guys and i have no reason to make up this kind of a lie.


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