Posted on Thursday, November 17th, 2011 at 5:46am CST by 49bb9bc8

Product: www.jobs-vacancy-england.com

Company: www.jobs-vacancy-england.com

Location: GB

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Hello, my name is Jennifer Ramos, I am from Philippines and I would like to know if anybody has a experience with this Company www.jobs-vacancy-england.com . Yesterday I just had my interview with them and now I am still waiting for their response. I will appreciate is somebody have passed a interview with them or just had like me, and what was it. Thank you

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8d05013c, 2011-12-02, 07:06AM CST

Hi, I am working abroad and I came here last September through these company www.jobs-vacancy-england.com , and I can state clearly that they did not charge me anything from their side, even when I came , but I did paid for the preparation of my documents and about all the comments I ve read it is worth it the price totally, because I am really working. Of course I am still getting used to all of the new environment, before I ve been working in Saudi Arabia, and here it is so different in Ireland. So keep trying and go ahead. Do not worry about the interview, one you have passed it , they will explain to you all and if you have your working permission ready, everything will be ok

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