Ford - Ford explorer 2011 sync system

Posted on Thursday, November 17th, 2011 at 10:04am CST by 0a353976

Product: ford explorer 2011

Company: Ford

Location: US


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I am license real estate Broker in Miami and My car is also my office...

i bought a New Ford Explorer limited 2011 in septemebr 2011, I have a lot of problem with sync system i went 2 time to the garage .

i lost customer because i got lost with the navigation system and i look non professionnal because the car is losing my customer when i call them...


1.I took the vehicle to update the software, because it kept disconnecting the phone and or MP3 player, but know after the update, it is taking longer to browse and two days ago it had problems connecting to the phone.

2.It is taking more than two hours to index the media player.

3.When requesting a song by Artist, it will play a different artist not the requested one. When it does, it will stay as is for a long time doing nothing, and then minutes later it will start playing any song.

4.The A/C; After storing a temp as My Temp most of the time the system will say My Temp ON but it does not change the temperature to prior stored temperature. Another problem with the A/C is that for some reason sometimes it turns on or off by itself, and it gets warmer when increasing speed.

5.My vehicle health report; gave me a warning regarding the brake system, and then when I tried to double check and ran another vehicle health report, the system kept failing, cannot do it from the vehicle. Now it is working, but for some reason it gave me a low oil pressure. Three days ago it showed again, and then I got another report all good... I do not know if we can trust the vehicle health reports

6.My SYNC services; when requesting directions it keeps misinterpreting commands as well as disconnecting when downloading a route.

7.Two days ago, the whole system failed. The screen was blank. I came on and the backup camera did not showed up. Also, when I tried to set my preferences on the steering wheel controls for the left LCD display, it did not change anything, from locks, to lights and so on.

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6a30bfa7, 2012-07-09, 07:26PM CDT

I have a 2012 fusion; the sync has the same problem you describe, and the blue tooth has poor sound quality at the receivers end and they keep asking you what you just said it picks up road noise the faster you go the worse it gets; its terrible because Ford wont do anything about it. I have had it in for service three times and they kept telling me they were doing things according to Ford fixes. No good still bad. Ford says no fix too bad live with it. Last Ford I buy, dont buy system you will not like it.

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