Wilshire Consumer Credit - Failure to Credit Account

Posted on Thursday, November 17th, 2011 at 6:50am CST by c00e9d92

Product: Title Loan

Company: Wilshire Consumer Credit

Location: P.O. Box 76809
Los Angeles, Ca, 90076, US

URL: http://www.wilshireconsumer.com/

Category: Other

11-14-11 Called Wilshire for pay-off on loan. Was told the pay-off would be valid until 11-21-11 and the amount would be $4654.77. No credit received.

11-15-11 Was told by customer service rep. that it would be credited the day of receipt and reflected in account on the morning of 11-16-11.

11-16-11 Called in am and ask why payment was not credited and was told that credit would be applied by afternoon.

11-16-11 3:35PST Called and talked to CSR which said it would be credited the night of the 16th and show on the 17th. When ask where the check was, he could not give me a straight answer. I ask to speak to a supervisor and replied yes reluctantly. Then I spoke to Supervisor Tony which said he didn't know where the check was. I ask if he could call and check with the payment center he had referred to and he replied that he couldn't and that they could not receive incoming calls. That was the end of the conversation.

11-17-11 5:40am Checked account for update and found that no credits have been posted.


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