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Posted on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 at 8:41pm CST by 4be8add7

Product: kobo ereader

Company: kobo inc.

Location: 364richmond st.W.suite300
toronto, on, CA

Category: Other

I purchased a kobo ereader in august 2011 right away it quite working I went on their website and posted a request ticket and was told to try a couple things, they did't work, so they said it was turned over to tier 2 dept. so then I waited a week and I called and was told they should be contacting me anytime so I waited another week and called again this time I was told that he would put it on high priority so I waited and called again on september 5th 2011 and the person appoligised for not getting things taken care of sooner and said he would be sending me a new ereader out right away and that I should get it within 4 days and to send the broken one right back in the same box and he gave me a rma number, after not gettig it I called again and was told they no longer do rma returns as of september 3rd 2011 and i then asked to speak with a manager and was told the same thing they said I would need to pay postage and send it out myself and they would decide if it should be replaced after complaining he finally said he would see if they would go ahead and make an exeption since I had been dealing with this for over a month I then was listed as a incident and never heard anything again so i called again and was told they was sending out a rma empty box for me to put the kobo in it andsend it back and they would either fix or replace it I never recieved the empty box so I called back again and was told a rma had been created for me but could not tell me when it would be sent out thathas been over 2 weeks ago and have not heard from them but I did get my phone bill with the charges from calling them , wanted to warn other people about how bad I was treated by kobo custormer service.and maybe keep someone from having to learn the hard way in my opinion they won't stand behind their product.


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0abf96dc, 2011-12-01, 08:00AM CST

Oh yes, the famous "tier 2". I have been through this special hell as well, only to have to repeatedly call back. I am currently living through this hell right now as a book I purchased through them won't download and it keeps giving me errors, just like it did 2 weeks ago with another book. It was a problem on their end but it took me numerous phone calls to resolve. If it werent' for their sales and prices I wouldn't buy my books there.

3919bbe2, 2012-02-01, 12:04PM CST

I have had the same experience with this company - worst customer service I have ever had. Also, the product is terrible I am on my 3rd replacement as they keep breaking.

ecf2fce7, 2012-02-04, 09:50AM CST

I agree completely DO NOT!! purchase from them at all. My girlfriend purchased one directly from Kobo and from the word GO it did not work. Problem being the USB cable. To get the unit to even begin working you must connect it to a computer, using the supplied USB cable. A sort of KEY if you will. I happened to have one for my phone, tried it and it worked. I then spent a month trying to get resolution from the company. It was not really a matter of the cable being defective, but a matter of principal. A company that can stand behind their product. It would be like buying a car and having faulty spark plugs; and the company saying "IT is not covered by our warranty!" This is the response we got after a month of trying to get the TEIR 2 service dept to contact us, with at least 8 calls to the customer service line.

mary o., 2014-03-05, 11:37PM CST

I accepted a free gift today and somehow ended up with a $139 bill. How can I contact someone? I feel defrauded.

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