Tomahawk Tree Service - Extortion Scam

Posted on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 at 5:07pm CST by ee3353bc

Product: Tree Removal and Landscaping

Company: Tomahawk Tree Service

Location: 115 Oak St # 201
Roswell, GA, 30075, US


Category: Other

Let it be known that Tomahawk Tree Service out of Roswell is a scam. They are extremely unprofessional and WAY overpriced. They were asked to quote tree chipping and cutting for two fallen trees. Other companies quoted $700....they quoted $1200.

We refused their service and now they want to charge a 20% cancellation fee for work THEY DIDN'T DO. They then referred to the back of a contract that wasn't shown or explained when signing for the quote. They make you unknowingly commit to overpriced work by making you commit to the actual work when you haven't even received a quote yet. You essentially have no opportunity to decline.

The manager (Bob) said that he is not a majority shareholder and has no authority to revoke the cancellation fees, despite what the employees say. The real owner lives in Venezuela. Bob attempted to settle the dispute by requiring me to pay the bill first (for work that wasn't performed) and then he would personally attempt to cut the remaining tree himself (approximately 7 cuts for $240) IF he could find a chainsaw and IF he felt that he was capable. He was very clear that he could not personally comingle the company contract or employees with this personal favor and that nothing could be put in writing, but that was the only way he would settle the dispute out of court.

When I asked him to put it in writing he refused saying that his promise was his bond and that if I couldn't take a verbal promise that I "had trust issues." When I inquired about liability insurance and consequences for failure to complete the work he became agitated and stated that he was no longer interested in honoring his promise.

He made mention that his company receives these complaints all the time. I then disclosed that the conversation was being recorded and he became belligerent and hung up.

There is something very wrong when you receive conflicting information from among employees. Anyone who makes verbal commitments (they later recant) to extort payments for unperformed services should be exposed for what they are.


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