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Posted on Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 at 10:14am CST by 554ed12b

Product: Ford F150 XLT

Company: Ford Canada

Location: CA


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I am looking for anyone who can share a similar experience regarding their Ford truck and service from Ford Canada.

I recently purchased a second hand, 2009 Ford F-150 XLT Super Crew truck, with 80,000km. The truck was inspected and seemed to be in great shape. I had the truck for about 3 weeks before I started noticing a noise from the engine when it was under low idle. The truck was taken to Dunlop Ford in Lethbridge, Alberta where the camshaft phaser was replaced under the 100,000 km power-train warranty. I got the truck back and one day later the problem returned and seemed worse. Under low idle the engine sounded like a diesel. The truck was taken back to Ford and I found out a week later the camshaft was damaged and the problem was attributed to low oil pressure. The cause I was told was from engine sludge which could have been caused from lack of maintenance. Ford asked for the servicing records which I could not produce being the second owner and the original owner was in the process of moving to another Province and could not locate them. The previous owner assured me the changes were done at various drive-thru oil change locations in Canada and the United States as the truck had been used for some business and vacation trips.

Ford Canada reviewed the pictures taken by Dunlop Ford and said without the proof of oil changes wrote the file off as lack of maintenance. The service manager I spoke with told me even if I was able to find the service records the engine might not be covered by the warranty as the type of oil and filters could be an issue. My response to this comment was Ford Canada was no doubt doing whatever they could to avoid covering the engine. The response I received was "Yes you are probably right."

I have since forwarded the same pictures to others (including a Ford Mechanic) and have been told the pictures do not indicate the engine was poorly maintained nor was it believed the deposits lead to engine failure. I have researched the same issue on the internet and have found others who have had similar engine failure with the Ford engine... which is a phaser malfunction can lead to low oil pressure engine damage.

I attempted to contact Ford Canada and did not get past the person who answered the 1 800 number. The employee sound like a broken record saying Ford Canada stands behind their decision to not cover the repairs under warranty. So far Ford Canada and my local Ford dealer have quoted me FULL RETAIL for an engine at $9000. There has been no attempt by Ford to negotiate on a price. I find this deplorable and so far two friends who have been looking for trucks have chosen GM as they feel the same.

I plan to lay a complaint through legal arbitration and I am not a mechanic so if anyone can give me any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Trevor S.


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