Sprint Wireless - Sprint lies and changes contact

Posted on Monday, November 14th, 2011 at 9:56am CST by 0f43122d

Product: Sprint wireless

Company: Sprint Wireless

Location: US

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I signed a two year contract with Sprint because the Hot Spot (wifi) was UNLIMITED DATA USAGE. Now one year into my contract they have changed my contract and now is no longer unlimited. I have 3 college students in my house...so when they go over the usage amount alloted...I am going to be paying triple for internet usage......SPRINT LIES and Changes your contract without your knowledge


mary t., 2013-09-06, 08:32AM CDT

I Mary just rescently signed up for service with Sprint and have never in life seen any thing like what I had to go through to get help with my service #1 and to cancel the service with out paying $700.00 for service I never got (It steal is a NIGHT MARE!!!)

I can not tell you all the things I went though to ask some one to listen to my problems I was having with this company.If someone know what to do please let me know.

fce66121, 2013-09-21, 04:54PM CDT

I signed up for a sprint account and when the service was horrible I called back within the 14 days to cancel my new contract, I was told that they were working on a tower and I should wait a few days to cancel. I told them that if I waited to cancel I would go over my 14 day contract termination period. They said "we'll make a note of it, but don't worry. If the tower repair doesn't fix the problem we'll still let you cancel your account."

Their "tower fix" did nothing so I called back and tried to cancel and they told me I couldn't because I was passed the 14 day grace period. I am currently involved with the BBB and the Attorney Generals office to dispute this. The funny part is when I called back, the person I talked to said they had no record of me calling in and their was no record of a tower outage. They straight up lied to me to trap me into a contract.

Bottom line: Sprint LIES to people to feed their greed based company.

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