Nova Crete, Inc. - Shoddy work and work-related damages not corrected

Posted on Monday, November 14th, 2011 at 1:27pm CST by 53ba4415

Product: concrete paving and staining

Company: Nova Crete, Inc.

Location: 2067 Route 35
South Amboy, Ne, 08879, US


Category: Other

Nova Crete failed to perform paid-for services in a good and workmanlike manner. We encountered many unnecessary delays and multiple problems with their work. The work should have been completed in April, as promised, but was partially completed in June. (The last section to be worked on, which was in our contract, was cancelled by them after they determined that it could not done) Several weeks after the new pavement was laid, portions began crumbling. This should not be happening with newly poured cement. After several calls, a feeble attempt was made to patch these areas. The new cement they used was a totally different shade than the original, thereby making the repair more noticeable. In addition, the wrong color stain was put on our rear patio. After arguing with the worker, who was unwilling to admit his mistake, the correct stain was finally reapplied. During this process, because the worker did not protect the surrounding property, stain was splattered over furniture, siding, door screen, etc. Again it took many calls to get someone out to correct this. These men determined that the stain could not be removed from some items without further damaging them, and therefore, they would have to be replaced. This took place over a month ago. Since then, all my calls have gone unanswered. A letter written on October 19th did not elicit a response either. They have made no attempt to rectify the situation. Nova Crete's actions leave me frustrated and unappreciative of the amount of needless time and energy wasted in trying to get them to complete this task in a timely and appropriate manner.


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