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Posted on Monday, November 14th, 2011 at 11:21am CST by 44517e48

Company: Magic Air

Location: Orlando, Fl.

Category: Other

I showed up for an interview....I had to drive 40 miles....Magic Air is actually Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Sales!!!

Why did they have to mislead me? Let's be honest about a job, and let someone

know what the job is.

Shame on you Rainbow!


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b3b542a1, 2012-03-03, 03:44PM CST

THANK YOU!! It looked like a multi-level sales scheme to me. When I checked my interview offer and tried to locate their product history or operating niche, I could find nothing but "incentives" and happy employee testimonials on thier website. Your comments have saved me valuable time and agrivation - cheers!!

9e2014bc, 2012-04-02, 03:15PM CDT

OMG I have an interview on 4/3/2012

I can not thank you enough for this info

Wishing you the best always

Thanks again

84f2e5a5, 2012-05-07, 06:55AM CDT

I thought this was B.S. just by the way I was approached for an interview. I was called on a Saturday evening at 7:30pm and was left a message that I could reference an email with interview times for the following Monday.

This email was obviously one that is sent out as a fishnet to catch job hunters. I should go and walk out after giving them hell!

Thank you for your post!! This was the only thing that I could find that explained the company.

f2f4a601, 2012-08-10, 09:30AM CDT

I just went for an interview yesterday and was totally scamed!!!! I had all the warning signs and the gut feeling but I figured I would go anyway to check it out. All I ended up doing was wasted my time. So, here is the story. I'm currently looking for a new place of employment. I found this "company" under the name of Magic Air Jobs on several job boards like Indeed, Careerbulider, etc. And they would always advertise the same rate for a customer postion job for the amount of $16 an hour. For me, that was awesome! I wanted to get some more information on the company and coudn't find any - strange. I did however, find MagicAir website showing "happy" employees. - Once again, strang. Anyways, I figured I'd check it out. So I want ahead and submitted my resume for the place and got a email right away... same day actually. I got an email with a time and location of the interview. I replied back that was interested and to expect me day of. I found the place of business, however, the name outside the building said Rainbow water??? What the heck? I went in and the receptionist siting to the left asked if I was here for the inteview... haned me an application... a minute later the women who I was to interview with shows up (Jasmine) greets me and had me follow her to the back. As soon as she opens the door to the room, I see at least 15-20 people waiting. I'm like.... wait wait. What is this place? She slams the door and is like "you don't know why your here? what you applied for?" and I'm like yes I know what I applied for but on all my emails the name Majic Air showed up. That we she was sooo rude an nasty with me... cutting me off and explaining to me that I should now what I was applying for and that they were a WATER COMPANY (mind you, I coundn't find anything on the web about this "company" other than a site with fake happy employees) I basically told her to f off and I walked out. Others walked out with me once they heard our conversation. Being felt just like me.... wanting badly to have a job and just going along with things like sheep.... My advice to anyone and everyone. Don't waste your time... don't even go there and just continue your job search. If your curios and want to go anyway, you've been warned. DON'T fill out that application.... who knows what they do with your information. They might be in the business of stealing people's identity! smh

e0172c24, 2012-11-13, 10:07AM CST

Good bunch of people over there at Magic Air! I'll just leave this here...

1e402515, 2012-11-30, 12:07PM CST

I was scheduled for an interview Thursday 11/29/12, I did a little research and found this site so I copied the link and sent it to Mr. Cortez and I received no response. Definitely a scam.

8a7c8e6b, 2012-12-01, 08:16AM CST

Wow I got the same response I have been saved valuable time I got a interview 12/03 whew.....I'm so happy I seen this site thank god

acb9f325, 2012-12-04, 08:51AM CST

Wow..i knew this was too good to be true. thanks guys for saving me valuable time smh.

d42c2277, 2013-01-12, 10:44PM CST

here's the best info i found:

"First off they are just like Kirby! Rainbow or Kirby! I bet they both claim they know Warren Buffet! They all have the same pitch! I see a few managers on here trying to back this company up. If you dont pull ike 400 to 500 pads you dont even get paid. Its a complete scam! and yes they do hold a gun to your head to basically do this job. They will harrass your family and ask to speak with them on the phone. They are the just plain ignorant sales people. They type that people frown upon. All the managers that work for companies like this are jerk offs. I could go on and on! I am not going to waste my breath! If you live in Orlando dont waste your time with this company! or Kirby if you get a call from a women named Elizabeth in the Kissimmee area on Michigan street. Run!! lol.How they put people on blast! Im putting them on blast!

$16.36 an hour ya ok what in pennies! Kirby claims $475.00 per week! trust me you wont get it! lol!"

MK T., 2013-03-22, 09:07PM CDT

I am scheduled for an interview this Monday. It didn't seem quite right, so I was checking on them when I found this. Thank you so much for saving me a long drive and an afternoons time.

d1895b8e, 2013-05-28, 10:59AM CDT

Well all I come up with is the same information NOTHING, what is the big 75 year company there affiliated with? Rainbow? in the remarks on there "so called site" says the lady earned her rainbow, so what is it a company or a honor? It's funny that I am a IT professional and a Graphic designer and my email was referring to a customer service/customer relations position. Got the interview with Arcenio Cortes, found him on facebook with all pics removed via android, from Kissimmee. Right off the bat if I was in business for 25 years affiliated with a 75 year company I would have a website with all that great information. Sounds like I will fall into the same thing if I go to this interview, I don't think I will wast my time. I do a part time tomorrow anyways in place of this interview. There is a report link on there description ,if you have not got the link and reported this please do so.

5e93f759, 2013-05-30, 04:00PM CDT

He is an active officer. The scam to trap you in coming and run your background to see if you have a warrant ...check out the link above. The building they show you in interview is located in Hawthrone ,NY not where he stated at interview Arcenio Cortes has a location in Kissimmee, FL. Active officers include Cortes Arecenio. The company's line of business includes Landscape Services. another frame he use to catch people with warrants. If you look up number its not even listed with florida

Company Reports from Dun & Bradstreet

810 Blanc Ct

Kissimmee, FL 34759

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8bc159ec, 2013-07-28, 09:08AM CDT

I got an email at 7:30 pm Friday night from Magic Air Solutions. They wanted me to pick a time for an interview. I checked them out online and I COULDN'T FIND ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT THEY ACTUALLY DO, THEIR PRODUCTS, ETC! I just found the fake site with the happy people. I am SOOO glad I found this page before I actually gave them any info! Thanks for saving me time and aggravation!

3bf25637, 2013-07-29, 08:24AM CDT

My gut told me something wasn't kosher with this offer. Isn't the internet fabulous! Bless you and thank you one and all.

5f617b3d, 2013-11-11, 12:44PM CST

Office phone# 407-369-9210 Office fax# 407-894-0094

This email is a reminder of your interview with Mr. Jose Rivera, Monday 11/11, at 3 pm. We look forward to having a chance to meet you, answer a few questions, and see where you will be a good fit.

The interview with the program director will be brief and you will get a chance to hear what we offer. The interview will take approx. 20 minutes.

Please dress professionally for an interview and bring your resume. Please be five minutes early to give time for the data sheet, and no more than fifteen minutes early. If you arrive more than 15 minutes early, you may be asked to return to the office later, as we are conducting business throughout the day.

You will be meeting with Mr. Jose Rivera.

Magic Air Solutions is located at 1615 Conway Gardens Rd. Orlando, Fl 32806. Conway Gardens is located off of Curry Ford Rd between S. Conway rd and S. Crystal Lake Dr. Our building is located behind the CITGO gas station and across the street from ?The Learning Academy? daycare. If you have any trouble finding our facility, then please contact the office at 407-456-0897. The web link for the directions from your location is:

Best Regards,

Jose Rivera

Personnel Department

Magic Air Solutions

[email protected]


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