Net 10/TTracFone - no telephone minutes left

Posted on Sunday, November 13th, 2011 at 8:23pm CST by 94c64094

Product: net 10 cell phone

Company: Net 10/TTracFone

Location: US


Category: Other

Today I tried to add new phone minutes to my net10 cell phone.

I received this phone about a month ago with a promotion that was to allow me to order a new phone card (750 minutes for $25), and allow me to keep my same phone #. When I got the phone it had a new # and I went through the process, spending an entire Saturday trying to get my old phone # back. It didn't happen. They did, however, give me an extra 750 min pin # to add those minutes to my new phone.

They told me to add the card I received in the mail for the next 30 day interval.

Today I am trying to add those minutes, using the pin # on the card. I first spoke to Dion who told me that the phone # I gave him was not a registered number. He then asked me for my serial number, which I gave him. Then he asked me for the pin # on the card I am trying to use. I gave him the pin # and he told me this pin # was already used.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the same things, by Irish (a lady). First she told me my phone number was invalid. Then she asked for the serial number. Then she asked me for the pin # I was trying to use and told me it had been used on the phone last February.

I always toss the cards after I use them so there is no way that I used this card before.

Then Irish told me that they had to do some investigations and need me to be off the line. I told her I had no other phone, I am disabled and now have no way to contact anyone in the event of a heart emergency.

Irish said there is nothing they can do because it is Sunday. I ran out of minutes and my phone went dead.

I have no phone, and am disabled.


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