Uhaul Moving and Storage Pulaski Highway - UHAUL4301 Pulaski Highway Baltimore infested with RODENTS

Posted on Sunday, November 13th, 2011 at 8:14pm CST by 0e8a57c2

Product: Storage Units

Company: Uhaul Moving and Storage Pulaski Highway

Location: 4301 Pulaski Hwy (Rt 40 & Kresson St)
Baltimore, MD, 21224, US

URL: http://www.uhaul.com/Locations/Rentals-near-Baltimore-MD-21224/820022

Category: Other

I entrusted Uhaul with my most important and expensive possessions. Paid for a storage unit and got the insurance. My things were in storage approximately 5 months and were INFESTED with live mice when I went to retrieve it!

The location DID NOT disclose their mice infestation problem, did not state that their "insurance" did not cover mice although the General Manager Heather Cahoon knew about the massive infestation that was there before we moved there, while we were there and after we left.

The General Manager Heather Cahoon unintelligently smiles about the loss of your personal items and is ignorant regarding the deadly diseases that mice DO carry.


She stated: "No one has ever gotten sick from mice." That is because their diseases are deadly...the people die! The diseases mimic the flu and other illnesses. It is almost 2012, really who would think that people live in mice? Who would think that a fortune 500 company would subject people to this kind of nasty, dangerous problem? Who would tie rodent disease to death in this century? Medical personnel, people who know what rodents can and will do to the human body. When she said that I knew what kind of person I was dealing with??? Clueless. I knew that she thought I was ignorant (I believe she thinks everyone is ignorant). She blatantly disregards her clients lives and knowingly sells worthless insurance.

We have lost over $30,000.00 worth of items and priceless items which can never be replaced. We were forced to move mice infested boxes into our new home, we were forced to move them or pay more money to change units. We are breathing those germs everyday! We were threatened to be charged $500.00 if we used their dumpster to get rid of feces infested, blood and urine infested items. We were expected to spend countless hours trying to clean more than a 26ft truck worth of boxes full of defecation, urine, blood, nest, then take the trash with us!!!

I have NEVER dealt with such ignorance and disregard for life and personal belongings! If you have suffered loss or gotten sick from having your most prized items in storage at any Uhaul EVER, please contact us at: [email protected]

Pregnant women are risking their health by breathing in mice feces and urine, old people, disabled people, hard working people are paying Uhaul to lose EVERYTHING! This IS one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with and Heather Cahoon's behavior regarding "I DO NOT CARE" is unacceptable, she needs to be terminated. Her laziness in "management" obviously led to this infestation problem. She said it is an old warehouse and mice are to be expected (after the fact) and that they put out poison to kill them. We asked how do they do that behind the locked doors of the units, her face got red and she stormed off leaving us with no mask or protective equipment. Contact us at [email protected] Take pictures, get estimates, bring your hospital and doctor bills.

We live in a time of "transparency" where big business needs to be accountable for the injuries they cause to people's lives. This IS one of those times. You just don't destroy lives to make money, at least not mine!

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0e8a57c2, 2012-01-12, 10:46AM CST

If you have been a victim, please go to sign this petition and be apart of bringing this billion dollar company to justice for their wrongful business practices: http://www.change.org/petitions/u-haul-_-rico-racketeering-influenced-and-corrupt-organization-class-action

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