CSA Kids - Pot use in children's facility!

Posted on Sunday, November 13th, 2011 at 2:50am CST by 5aee0eba

Product: Children's sports

Company: CSA Kids

Location: Janesville, Wi, US

URL: http://Www.csakids.com/

Category: Other

I recently found out that this establishment turns a blind eye to employees who badger children in the name of sportsmanship, bold face lies to it's paying customers, takes money from your account without authorization, and best of all... Apparently doesn't drug test or background check all of it's staff to ensure your child is safe! I have been treading lightly as I heard some of these allegations but now much of this is showing to be true! Buyer beware. This place has the poor reputation it does for reason. Wish i wouldve listened before wasting my money. I am scared to think what lies around the corner with this place. I have decided to take my business elsewhere, but in the meantime I am now in the fold with those fighting to get my money back from these crooks.


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